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Behind Enemy Lines: A bit slower paced than the previous books but quite good nonetheless.

Kelsey is trapped in a cul-de-sac behind enemy lines. There is less combat and more sabotage and scheming in this installment. It is still a quite good book though.

Behind Enemy Lines (The Empire of Bones Saga, #7) by Terry Mixon
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Very good

Behind Enemy LinesCut off from home, Princess Kelsey Bandar needs a place to hide from the vengeful Rebel Empire.

The secrets she stole give her people a fighting chance in the war that brought down the original Terran Empire. If she gets them home. If her prisoners cooperate.

Should that prove impossible, she must then convince a long-hidden people to help her. After she finds them, of course.

This book is quite a bit slower paced than the previous book. It also focuses pretty much entirely on Kelsey being trapped in what is assumed to be a cul-de-sac behind enemy lines. There are not that much combat sequences in this installment, at least not compared to previous book. The story instead revolves around Kelsey, Kelsey’s mother and the machinations of the prisoners that they took when stealing the research orbital. The main bad guy in this book is a thoroughly indoctrinated security officer and his sabotage, backstabbing and scheming. That, unfortunately, means that the story is a bit off my preferred track. Having said that, it is still a very good book.

The good stuff for me is that Kelsey and company are as likable as always. Even if she is not kicking ass as much in this installment as in the previous ones it is a quite enjoyable to read. The not so good stuff (again, for me at least) is that much of the book is about the dumb-ass security officer that they captured together with the research orbital. I am generally not too found of sneaking around and screwing things up kind of stories and this guy is doing just that. Christ, the guy is given all the evidence, I think he is even believing it, yet he continues on his chosen path because he feels he has to be loyal to “his” empire. What the fuck. That sounds like some crappy defense straight out of Nuremberg.  To make matters worse he, just out of spite or whatever, troughs a huge ball of shit (pretty much literally) straight into the fan just when he is about to loose. A ball off shit that are going to have far reaching consequences for the future.

Then we have Kelsey’s mother. God what a bitch! What pissed me of the most was that she is so ignorant and stupid that she happily lets her mouth run amok spilling vital secrets to the enemy. She should be shot!

Okay, I am going to calm down now.

This book also starts a few new interesting plot threads. As most people probably can guess already one of them concerns the “weak” flip points. There is a discovery that, unfortunately, the previously mentioned security chief managed to, shall we say, complicate. Finally, in this book, there are (small spoiler ahead) aliens … or are they actually aliens? The plot thickens seems to be a good phrase at this point.

On the whole it was a really good read. I do like it more when Kelsey and company is a bit more in kick ass mode but I guess a good series has something for everyone. Well, in this case, something for everyone into military science fiction at least.

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