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De Opresso Liber – Not exactly what I expected but a really good book nonetheless.

This was a very enjoyable book as far as I am concerned. It is written in the usual Evan C. Currie style which means it is quite well written. It has an interesting story, some interesting new aliens, good sci-fi physics, material, gadgets etc... and lots and lots of action.

De Opresso Liber (Hayden War Cycle #6) by Evan C. Currie
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

De Opresso LiberThe war may be over, but the fighting continues as SOLCOM learns of an excursion by the Ross’El against an unaffiliated pre-space civilization in the no man’s land between Earth and the Alien Alliance. With always more questions than answers, SOLCOM dispatches a ship to quietly survey the situation and determine what, if any, course of action is best.

Captain Sorilla Aida and her team are the ground element assigned to the task, with the clear understanding that no matter what… they are to remain undetected by the alien overlords now controlling the moon world. Sorilla knows only one thing for certain as she learns more about the situation :

Oppression is universal, Freedom is never free… and this is EXACTLY what she trained for.

It has been a while since I posted any reviews and I am 10 books behind on my reading challenge in Goodreads as well. I am afraid that I have suffered some personal problems. I hope that I can gradually recover the slack. Anyway, now to the review…

The book blurb starts with stating that war is over. I think that is rather an understatement. There is a lull in the real fighting, nothing more. Well the full war kind of fighting is in a bit of a lull but the book has plenty of action even without an official war going on. Actually, this book is a lot more action filled than what I expected from the book blurb. I expected something a lot more “Cold War” style where there was a lot of posturing, spying and undercover work but not so much action. I was wrong which, to me, is a good thing this time.

The book focuses a lot on Captain Sorilla which, to me, is also a good thing since she is one of my favorite characters in this series. We also have somewhat of a first contact situation. That is a first contact for the humans with this particular race. Unfortunately for this race they already had their first contact with the Ross. A contact which, not surprisingly ended badly. Now let us throw in a surprising discovery as well, one which explains why the Ross wanted this particular world in the first place, and we have quite a good story.

This was a very enjoyable book as far as I am concerned. It is written in the usual Evan C. Currie style which means it is quite well written. It has an interesting story, some interesting new aliens, good science fiction physics, material, gadgets etc… and lots and lots of action.

Captain Sorilla excels of course and she is reaching almost super hero levels in this book. Too much gung ho Sorilla? Not yet, at least not to me. The author is managing to balance her superior capabilities, partly due to her experimental implants but also due to her being…Sorilla, and the human side of her quite well. Also, she is not the only interesting character in the book although she, of course, has the lead role.

I have to say that, given the ending of this book, I am very eagerly looking forward to the next installment in this series. After all, it looks like the balance of power in the Alliance might have changed rather drastically.

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