The Ruins of Anthalas – Good continuation of The Ember War adventure.

The Ruins of Anthalas (The Ember War Saga #2) by Richard Fox
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The Ruins of AnthalasAn ancient holocaust holds the key to humanity’s survival.

An ember of mankind endured the Xaros invasion, those who remain are too weak to defeat the alien’s inevitable return. The key to rebuilding Earth’s defenses lies within a cryptic message from a long lost alien race, one deep behind enemy lines. One of the last strike carriers, the Breitenfeld, journeys to the distant world and learns that humanity isn’t the only power interested in the planet’s secrets. Do the ruins of Anthalas hold an ancient treasure, or a deadly trap?

This book continues the adventures of The Ember War. Although it lacks a bit of the originality of the first instalment in the series it is a good adventure and a good continuation of the series.

As the book blurb states the strike carrier Breitenfeld goes on a mission to discover what the ruins of the planet Anthalas holds. Naturally the mission runs into a few complications. The Xaros being one of them but not the only one.

There are some decent action although the majority of it is marine style action, mostly down on the planet. We also get to know a few new alien spieces including the Qa’Resh who is pretty much running the show as far as far as the Xaros resistance goes. Some of the other aliens are not so friendly and some of them are, quite frankly, exhibiting the not so intelligent behavior of a human career politician. Obviously these dicks are part of the problem and not of the solution.

The book does not really come to any form of conclusion. Although the Breitenfeld do succeed in their mission and manages to escape back to friendly territory there is not that much that comes out of the mission except promises for future discoveries and adventures. Breitenfeld is also sent straight on another mission so the book is pretty open ended. Having said that the twist in what they actually found was not bad at all.

It is a good adventure story even though it was a pretty fast read. I am pretty sure that I will pick up the next book in the series when it comes out.

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