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Windows 10 November Update, another disappointing delivery from Microsoft!

So the Windows 10 November update is here. I finally got it on all my devices. I should probably say that I am surprised of the lack of actual substance in this update but unfortunately that would be a lie given Microcrap’s track record lately.

There is little improvement in this update. It appears that Microsoft is totally ignoring most of the actual issues with Windows 10 and have fired all of their capable engineers as well. They seem to focus on new and useless features instead of fixing the actual issues with this buggy operating system.

Actually it looks like none of the issues, at least the ones I care about, is actually fixed and they added a few new ones instead.

My Surface 3 Pro is now hanging with a black screen every so often. If I hold and push the power button I get a “swipe down to shut down” screen which does…NOT shut the tablet down. I have to push the power button until the tablet actually shuts down and then reboot it.

One of my Acer tablets are still useless. The installation just hangs. I’ve tried it at least three times. Thanks a lot Microcrap for bricking my hardware!

The email tile do no longer update properly but just sits there and shows me “new” emails that I have deleted hours ago.

Pretty much all of the issues that I outlined in previous posts, for example this one, are still there. The especially annoying ones are that the tiles of pinned URL’s still do not properly show the icon of the site in question which means that the smallest tile size is useless. The fact that you cannot rename the tiles makes the medium size less than useful as well of course. This is standard functionality that was available in Windows 8.

Sound notification for incoming emails still do not work. You still cannot flag anything as spam in the email client. The popup blocker in Edge is still useless. Screen update on my Acer tablet (the one that actually works…somewhat) is totally unreliable.

It insists on re-installing a lot of crap, like the “Get Microsoft Office” app, “Get Skype” app etc…  I already have office mobile installed for f… sake! Stop harassing me with this kind of crap!

The list goes on. What the f… Microsoft?

The only improvement that I care about is the feature where you can, finally (another feature that should have been there from the start), have more tiles, specifically four tiles horisontally in each group, on the start page.

I find this unbelievable! What kind of dream world is the Microcrap engineers and management living in? It of course does not help with the clueless press that just parrots the press releases from Microsoft about how many install they have and seems to be so happy that Microsoft have turned Windows 10 into some Android lookalike with this useless back arrows and lack of consistency between applications. The touch gestures, especially in the browser, the charms bar etc… were all fine and made Windows 8 an improvement over its competitors. Now all that is gone and the only reason for you to run Windows 10 is because you want to run legacy Windows applications.

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