What the f… kind of idiots have taken over Microsoft?

Onedrive FailYes, I know, the title of this post is somewhat provocative but it was meant that way and yes, this is going to be another one of my rants.

As far as I am concerned Microsoft have made a total mess of Windows 10. There are just so many things that do not work. The list goes from simple things like sound notifications still not working to having to regularly spend ten or so minutes, as well as a reboot or two, getting the start screen to show up. This is on a Surface 3 Pro as well so Microsoft really has no excuse. My Acer W510 tablet is still more or less bricked. The Windows Store wont start, I have found no way to reinstall it and the Restore/Refresh utility refuses to work so I can not even reinstall the tablet from the start. What the f… Microcrap?

Now Microsoft have decided to cancel the unlimited OneDrive storage citing that a few people were abusing it. Seriously Microsoft, did you fire all your PR people in the latest batch of layoffs? How f… dumb are you? Are you going to tell the world that you were to dumb to realise that people was actually going to use your unlimited offer? Well I guess you just did! Then to add to the insult to your users you are going to punish everyone for the acts of a few people? This is quite frankly unbelievable!

However, not only are you going to screw people actually using your offer but you decide to remove the storage for all the “ordinary” people as well by reducing the default storage to a meagre 5 Gb which is ludicrous as well as removing the additional storage that you proudly offered before. This is a service which you literally force onto people with Windows 8 and 10 and then you screw everyone!

This is nothing but an utter joke. Good work Microcrap. You just created a really strong case for both private users and corporations to look for alternatives to your crappy service! This is truly unbelievable. I am tempted to believe the conspiracy stories saying that a Google or Apple undercover operative has infiltrated you management. The only other alternative is that your management is unbelievably incompetent and stupid.

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