Counterstrike – A good ending to the Black Fleet trilogy although I think it could have been a happier one.

Counterstrike (Black Fleet Trilogy #3) by Joshua Dalzelle
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

CounterstrikeCaptain Jackson Wolfe never thought he’d see the end of the Phage War in his lifetime. The enemy was too powerful, too numerous, and utterly determined to exterminate humanity.

But the appearance of a new ally in the fight has changed all of that. For the first time since the original incursion Wolfe thinks that maybe there’s a chance to stop their implacable enemy before they have the chance to wipe out any more human planets. That opportunity comes at great cost, however, and even as he makes plans for their first offensive move on the Phage, Jackson is all too aware that most of them will not survive.

In all this was a good ending to the Black Fleet Trilogy although I would have liked it to be a happier one. The book continues the story of Captain Wolfe and his friends and, as is probably not too surprising, it works itself towards the grand finale tying the various threads together. As with the previous books in the series it provides for some quite decent, actually some very good, fleet action and generally good overall adventure.

Again Captain Wolfe has to fight a bit of an uphill battle against the politicians which are as useless and destructive as always and again he manages to circumvent said nincompoops attempts to sabotage things. Having said that, the politicians in question is kept on a somewhat short leash in this instalment. At least until the end.

The Captain’s friends are back of course and they are as likable as in the previous instalment. I still do really like the Pike character and the interactions between him and Captain Wolfe. That is not to say that the rest of the characters are any less likable. Even the previously not so likable Admiral became somewhat likable in this instalment. Emphasis on somewhat though.

There are a few twists in the plot. Again some more surprising than others although I have to say that none of them where really very unpredictable.I did like the interaction between the Phage “overmind” and Captain Wolfe and the final end game. The revelation of the involment of the Vruahns in the events from the start was a good plot element but not too surprising though.

My (only) real gripe with this book was the ending. The treatment of the person that, in reality, saved the human race from extinction was plain and simple deplorable. I know, I know I am a sucker for good ending so this is really a subjective opinion but to me it took away a bit of my enjoyment of this book.

Apart from that this was a really good book and a good ending of the trilogy.