Exeter – Friday the 13th meets The Excorcist

Exeter by Marcus Nispel on Blu-ray
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

ExeterFrom the director of Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious comes new Horror.

During an all-night, drug-fueled party at an abandoned asylum known for the horrific treatment of its patients, a group of ordinary teens decide to experiment with the occult, mysteriously leading to a violent possession. In an effort to find help, the group rushes to escape, only to find themselves locked inside with no means of communication.

Tempers flare, trusts are broken and in attempt to save one of their friends possessed by the demon, the amateurs try to perform an exorcism. Instead of solving the problem, and unbeknownst to them, they unleash an even more powerful and vengeful spirit, one with a distinct motive and which wants them all dead. The teen’s only chance of survival is to uncover the asylum’s deep mysteries and find a way out before it’s too late. Their search for answers uncovers the asylum’s dark past and the terrible …

I guess you could say that this movie felt a bit like Friday the 13th meets The Exorcist. Well, I guess that is not entirely fair to The Exorcist since that movie, although being old, is a way better movie than this one. This is not a bad movie but it is no shining star either. It is pretty much what you could expect. A bunch of insanely stupid teenagers boozing and doing insanely stupid and illogical things while a supernatural entity decimates them in various gory ways.

I would say that this movie is pretty decent taken in the context of these kind of movies of course. Insanely stupid, drug inhaling teenager is not exactly stellar material for a really good movie after all. I fail to understand why this theme seems to be so popular among horror movie makers. Also, with the amount of booze and drugs the idiots consume they should hardly be standing during most of the movie. There are some of us out here that would like a well done, intelligent horror movie once in a while after all. If that is what you are looking for this one is not your movie though.

Exeter is a fairly standard recipe type of movie. Previously mentioned gang of insanely stupid teenagers (with possibly one exception) decides to have a party at an abandoned asylum with a dark history (of course). The asylum is a depressing and filthy ruin so why anyone would want to have a party there is beyond me. The booze and drugs flows and after a while these idiots, to no ones surprise, decides to perform some dark ritual. As everyone can guess this leads to a sequence of badness and mayhem.

Most of said teenagers behaves in the usual insane, illogical and downright ludicrous way as the supernatural events comes pouring down on them. Naturally their numbers starts to dwindle after a while due to various more or less spectacular and gory episodes involving sharp as well as blunt objects and body parts being removed from their natural places.

This is far from the worst teenage horror movie I have seen. The acting apart from the illogical and silly behavior, which of course was in the script, is not too shoddy and the movie is generally not badly implemented with reasonable special effects and a suitably dark and sinister ambiance in the run down asylum ruin. As a horror movie and a gore fix it is quite passable. Do not really expect to be scared though. The movie is quite predictable and the story is mainly a vehicle to deliver a sequence of gruesome scenes at regular intervals.

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