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Fear The Liberator – Nice little sci-fi adventure story

Fear The Liberator by Mars Dorian
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Fear The LiberatorRX is the elite pilot of an experimental spaceship, entangled in a galactic war. During the risky attack on the enemy’s space station, he crash-lands on an unknown planet, where the real trouble begins.

Rescued by mysterious colonists, RX now has to deal with their strange way of life and their dangerous technology. His fight for survival leads him to the discovery of the colony’s dark secret—the key to the entire war.

Fear The Liberator is a space opera thriller, set in a future where human factions face catastrophic challenges colonizing the rims of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This is Mars Dorian’s second book and it is, to no ones surprise I hope, the second book that I read from this author. His first book was a pretty whacky story of “warhipsters” and a super capitalistic world (the Ferengis would be amateurs in this world) where warfare was done more based on financial reasoning rather than anything else. Each round of expended ammo was counted and you could make “in-war” purchases. Take that you people that complain about in-app purchases! I actually found his first book rather fun reading and although this one is fairly different it is also quite fun reading.

I would classify this as an adventure/mystery story in space with a nice mix of space combat, character interaction and mystery solving. RX, which is a rather funny name but then the name of his best buddy is D12 which is not much better, is a pilot as the book blurb states. He might be elite in his own eyes but the rest of the world do not consider him as such. Actually he has real problems with his combat ratings.

The author could not entirely let go of the capitalistic tones of his previous book although they are not so pronounced in this one. Even so, the pilots have to pay their own expenditure like food etc. on board the company carrier and their financial gains are entirely dependent on their performance. So to say that there is a wee bit of a competition between some of the pilots would be an understatement.

As the blurb states, RX crashes on a unknown (or is it?) planet and finds himself among a bunch of mysterious colonists with weird behaviours. This is where the mystery bit starts and the story becomes quite different from the first parts of the books. It is still quite nice reading though. Maybe the way things play out is somewhat predictable at times but the author has put together a story with enough originality in it to make the reader interested in what happens next. It is difficult to go into details without spoiling the story so I will refrain from doing that.

The book is a fairly quick read though, partly because it is rather short at around 250 pages. I think there would have been room to add a few pages to make the story more detailed. Especially in the initial world building. How did this “universe” come about? It is somewhat hinted that RX did not have a mother but was grown artificially. Is he a company product or?They obviously travel being in hypersleep. Why? Usually hypersleep means that you cannot travel fast enough to be awake all the time but the rest of story seems to assume that you can get from A to B via FTL travel. I know that the author do not like technical details but these kind of “inconsistencies” tend to stick out, at least for me.

Having said that I did like the APEX fighter and the space combat stuff. Weapon load-out, including the description of the weapons and how they were used as well as the combat manoeuvring was quite okay.

On the whole this was a fun and enjoyable book to read. It did end in a way too predictable and somewhat annoying cliff-hanger though. I have an aversion against cliff-hangers in general but this one was just like the traditional last 30 second of a horror movie where the monster (or it’s spawn or whatever) rears its ugly head just before the end texts starts to roll. Apart from the cliffhanger itself there are a some loose threads and hints spread around in the last couple of chapters hinting at a sequel. Okay, okay I am not sure how to do that one better myself given that there was a need to continue the story for a (planned?) second book so I’ll shut up on that part now.

Regardless of that I hope that the author continues to write science fiction. The writing is quite ok for a young writer and the stories are imaginative and does not necessarily follow the mainstream of science fiction. So far I have liked both books although the wackiness of the first one is probably something that I can only digest in small dozes. This one is more my style. If the author decides to write a sequel I will more than likely pick it up.

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