Sharknado 3 – What a load of utter crap !!!

Sharknado 3 by Anthony C. Ferrante on SyFy (CanalSat)
My rating: 1 out of 10 stars

Sharknado 3When Fin and April go to Florida for the summer vacation, strong winds and lots of rain comes to Florida and a Sharknado comes and destroyes Florida. The Sharknado goes to Washington D.C. and sharks falling from the sky. It’s up to Fin and April to stop the Sharknado the third time.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I watched this movie. After all I knew that it was going to be a bad movie. There are mitigating circumstances though. When my youngest son saw that SyFy were showing this piece of crap yesterday evening he absolutely wanted to watch it. I said okay and since I usually watch a TV-show or a movie with the kids in the evening I sat done with them to watch it.

I was not really prepared for the level of crappiness that was going to be assaulting my senses. I thought that, since they managed to get funding for a third movie, that there would be some qualities in the movie that I could consider mentioning in a positive context. Well, if I should try and bend over to find something positive to say then the hash tags that where displayed in the lower right corner of the screen was occasionally somewhat funny.

For the rest however, it is an utter load of crap. The acting is more than lousy. The special effects are generally crap. Story? It is incoherent, ludicrous and must have been dreamed up during influence of forbidden substances. It jerks all over the place from Washington to Florida and finally into space. Sharks on a space shuttle? The entire movie is so unintelligent, dumb and lousy that it is not even entertaining as a comedy. Even if you try to put your brain in park you are assaulted by such an amount of garbage that you can feel your grey cells trying to escape your body. I probably killed more grey cells watching this movie than in a week long drunken binge.

What astounds me is that some people seems to believe that this movie should have a 10 out of 10 rating. That is even more unbelievable than the level of crappiness of the movie itself. This is a solid 1 out of 10 stars movie if any movie have deserved such a low rating. I do not often rate a movie that low. There are usually something in the movie that bounces it up to a 2 or 3 star rating. Not so with this one.

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