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The Lost Destroyer – Yet another good adventure in this series

The Lost Destroyer (The Lost Starship #3) by Vaughn Heppner
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The Lost DestroyerA silver pyramid in space ten thousand years old…
The secrets of the mysterious New Men…
A war like no other…

Starship Victory—Earth’s ancient, alien spacecraft—has won a smashing victory against the New Men, driving them from “C” Quadrant. On their way home, Captain Maddox and his crew run into a vast machine trapped inside an ion storm. Maddox doesn’t know it yet, but the meeting isn’t an accident. There’s a traitor aboard ship, implementing a secret plan, threatening to destroy everything Star Watch has achieved against the New Men.

Now begins a deadly race as Captain Maddox, the crew and Galyan are pitted against the masters of a centuries-old conspiracy. Human existence lies in the balance.

This is yet another good adventure in The Lost Starship series. It is fun although fairly light reading. But then, to me, a good adventure story should be fast flowing and not too deep. The book blurb is somewhat of an exaggeration though. A smashing victory? They won by a very thin thread in the last book as far as I remember.

Anyway, the victors start the journey home and, of course, another calamity befalls the crew of Starship Victory. The enemy, by the help of some nasty surprises left by the mysterious professor Ludendorff, manages to divert the ship straight into an electrical storm and inside this storm lurks something very big and very very bad. The humans thought the New Men and their star cruisers were bad. Little did they know what was to fall upon them.

In this book the author unravels quite a lot of the story behind the New Men, the conspiracy and plotting that led to the creation of these nefarious evolved humans and the current situation. Naturally Maddox and his friends are forced through one hair raising adventure after another to combat the new threat. Starship Victory does indeed, eventually, get back to Earth just in time for Maddox to face a number of assassination attempts not to mention the possible destruction of the planet Earth. Naturally the arrogant and hugely annoying professor Ludendorff makes his best. even then, to twist events to fit into his own agenda.

As I wrote, it is a good book. Plenty of adventure, twists and revelations. Galyan, Victory’s computer AI, is developing by quite a few orders of magnitude I would say. They also get the weapons in working order although, sadly, they do not really get to use them much. There are some hints thrown around about how much more capable Galyan and consequently Victory have become though. In the end a battle is won but certainly not the war. I have to say that I would not mind seeing another book in this series being published.

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