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Frostbite – Fairly okay continuation of The Dragonian Series

Frostbite (The Dragonian Series #3) by Adrienne Woods
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

FrostbiteLosing Lucian McKenzie, the Prince of her heart and discovering her true identity has made Elena Watkins’ life almost unbearable. However, new trials will test the 17 year-old’s strength and push her to limits she didn’t think were possible.

Only a mysterious offer from Blake Leaf, the Rubicon and a dragon predestined for evil, reveals there may be a light at the end of Elena’s dark tunnel.

With the life she thought she knew crashing down around her, Elena will have to face a monumental decision about the fate of Paegeia. She can either make peace with Blake’s demands or try once again to unravel the Queen’s secrets that lie deep within her dragon, Tanya La Frey’s, heart.

I think that I liked this book a tad better than the previous one. It had more of an actual plot than the previous one and Elena, although still bitching a lot, feels a wee bit more mature and tries to take matters more in her own hands. At least in the latter half of the book.

I would say that the book still targets the younger audience rather than the more adult. There are still quite a lot of teenage style romance and boy problems in it of course. However the fact that Elena is a dragon (or is she?) and that she actually goes on a quest to discover herself and her past as well, as it turns out, the future helped keep the focus on some actual adventure.

There are a few good twists in this book. Fairly good twists that made things rather interesting. I was not too found of the, somewhat political and stupid, aftermath of Elena’s adventures but luckily things seemed to resolve themselves rather well in the end.

The book is a rather light read but then, as I wrote, I would say that the target audience is on the somewhat younger side. It was an enjoyable read nevertheless. I was less happy with the previous book in the series but now I am fairly sure that I will read the next one as well.

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