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First To Fight – Despite being a side story as well as completely devoid of space action this was a good book.

First To Fight (The Empire’s Corps #11) by Christopher Nuttall
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

First to FightBefore Avalon, before the Fall of the Empire, Edward Stalker was a young man growing up in Earth’s Undercity – a nightmarish rabbit warren of tiny apartments dominated by gangs who loot, rape and murder with impunity. When his family is killed in a gang attack, Ed takes the opportunity to run to the one place that will take him; the Terran Marine Corps.

But becoming a Marine isn’t easy and Ed will find himself pushed to the limits, surviving a training program designed to weed out everyone but the best, before he learns what it means to be a Terran Marine …

I have to say that I am a wee bit embarrassed by having waited so long to read another book by one of my favourite authors. I do have several books from Mr. Nuttall, that I have already purchased, sitting on my tablet after all. I have also said before that I have never really been disappointed by a book written by Christopher Nuttall. This one is, again, no exception. I mean it is a side story in a series which I generally do not like., It is a science fiction story which is pretty much devoid of any space action which is also not exactly my favourite cup of tea.

Nevertheless I did quite enjoy this book. I stated above that some elements of the story was not my cup of tea. Well, one element of it was really my cup of tea. The basic story of someone coming from nothing and going through basic training to become a marine or some other military killing machine (hey that is what they train these people for after all) is right up my alley though.

The first two thirds of the book are just excellent. Well written, good character interactions and simply a nice story that really made you feel compelled to turn to the next page and I do not mean the rushed page turning that some books inspire but really turning to the next page after having completely read the previous one.

The last third of the book did not give the same wow-great feeling as the first two thirds though. In the last third Walker is a true marine and is embarking on real missions. Unfortunately these missions fails to provide much thrill. At least to this particular reader. They feel like they could have been any chapter in any of the other books in the series. Okay, okay that is not entirely true. Walker is a newly reqruited marine etc. etc. but still. The last third is okay, actually it is even good, but not really more than that and, as far as I am concerned this book is a really good book but I am afraid that it falls a wee bit short of the great mark.

Now, as I wrote above, Mr. Nuttall is one of my favourite authors and this is not just because he’s writing is “just” my cup of tea. He is a good, and I mean good, writer. This particular book is as well written as all of his. It was interesting to get some of the back story of Walker. On the whole is a very read worthy book. It might not be my favourite book my Mr. Nuttall but it is still quite high up on the list and, anyway, even my least favourite book or Mr. Nuttall is better than a lot of books.

Yeah, I know that I sound like a fan boy but what the heck, I just happen to like pretty much every book from this author that I have read so far. Period!

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