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The Lost Command – A pretty good continuation of The Lost Starship

The Lost Command (The Lost Starship #2) by Vaughn Heppner
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The Lost CommandOne hundred and fifty years ago, Earth colonists hoping to found a utopia emigrated deep into the Beyond. Now, the New Men are invading, a race of humans stronger, faster and smarter than the old.

Star Watch sends Admiral Fletcher to stop them. His command barely escapes annihilation by heading into the dreaded void. His battered ships are quickly running out of food, fuel and missiles, and they don’t dare go back again to face the New Men.

Star Watch frantically searches for a way to rescue the vessels. An ancient alien starship is parked in the Solar System, with an irritable AI refusing to cooperate. The vessel has powerful weapons—if anyone could figure out how to make them work after ten thousand years.

Star Watch summons Captain Maddox, the only person to have successfully worked with the ancient computer. The captain must convince his old acquaintance the AI—who has become smarter and even more belligerent than before—to help him rescue Fletcher. But what does the ten-thousand-year-old AI have to gain by helping Star Watch’s cockiest Intelligence officer? The answer just might help solve the threat of the New Men.

This book, not surprisingly, continues the story, roughly, from where the pervious book ended. The book is pretty much the same simple but entertaining adventure story as the first book. I have to say right away that the book starts of in a fairly illogical manner. Not that the individual actions on the various pages are very illogical but the entire set up is, at least as far as I am concerned.

Why do I say this? Well, we are talking about the legendary star ship, the container of technology that could prevent the extinction of the human race, at least the part of it that still has a somewhat human thought pattern, and they just let the people that managed to acquire it wonder off more or less individually. I am not really a advocate of heavy handed government actions but several of these people where still on the government payroll and yet they where just allowed to wonder off.

Anyway, ignore those issues and you end up with a quite decent little adventure. Maddox is back and so is Meta. There are a bunch of other people that are back as well of course but those are my two favourites. Unfortunately Meta has a few bumps along the road but I hope that she is back in the fold so to say. I just hate that infiltration/conspiracy stuff but then, that is just me.

Maddox is a enjoyable as ever and as “macho” as ever. There is plenty of action, both on the ground as well as in space. I quite like the action. It is perhaps not as complex as some of the books that I have read but it is still quite good. Definitely above average.

One the whole this is an enjoyable, light, read, I read it quite quickly. Still I quite enjoyed it. It is not “just another” cheap novel. This one is definitely above average and, equally definitely, worth reading.

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