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The Alliance – Straightforward, heoric, military science fiction. I quite enjoyed it.

The Alliance (Galactic Empire Wars #4) by Raymond L. Weil
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

The AllianceA mission to free a world from the Kleese has gone terribly wrong. Lieutenant Ryan Nelson and his Marines are trapped with no hope of rescue.

On the Kleese home world, a division grows between the regular Kleese and the militaristic Zaltule.

The war against the Kleese intensifies as the human led Alliance attempts a daring attack against the heart of the Kleese Empire. If the mission succeeds, it will be a great victory for the Alliance. If it fails, it will mean the end of freedom for all the races of the galaxy and the end of human life.

This is a, fairly, straightforward heroic military science fiction. With straightforward I mean that there are no too convoluted and strange plots or political nonsense manoeuvres. That does not really mean that there is no plot twists or story developments of course. There are indeed a lot of development and by the end of this book the future of humanity is far from set in stone.

The humans is, as before in this series, the underdog. But as everyone knows, dogs do bite and this particular dog is not exactly the upper class Geneva house wife’s little pet dog. This is the kind of dog that makes you believe in a few of those fairy tales about things that go bump in the night.

There is a lot of action going on this book and, as usual when it comes to this book series, the action is quite well done. It might not have the adherence to physical science and “exactness” as some authors but then I do not think this author aspires to achieve that. I am reading Jack Campbell’s Leviathan right know and the way things play out in space is truly different.

Now, if the Mr. Weil reads this, please do not change anything and do not try to mimic another author. The way the action plays out may be different but it is still great and it would be a shame if every book was the same. I have read pretty all of the books by Raymond L. Weil and I have quite liked almost all of them. This one is no exception.

Back to the story. This book is basically a split between three sub-story lines. They strive to hit the Kleese, or rather the Zaltule, the struggles of the Marines seized by the Zaltule in the beginning of the book and the poltical machinations between the Kleeze and the Zaltules themselves.

The end result is a very enjoyable read. One thing that I do like about this book is that though some political obstacles are mentioned the political bullshit is kept to a minimum. There is really no political assholes throwing wrenches in the machinery all the time and the people doing the gritty work that needs to be done are, for the most part, supported. No soap opera style politics and this, to me, is a great plus.

The book blurb might give the impression that this the all or nothing operation and that this would be the end. Either the humans, and the rest of the galaxy, wins or they fail and that is it. Well, that is a slight exaggeration. Having said that, everything that goes down is of a rather high importance to the survival of the human race.

Bottom line, I am rather looking forward to the next book in this series.

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