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Small Favor – One of the better books in The Dresden Files series

Small Favor (Dresden Files #10) by Jim Butcher
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Small FavorGumshoe wizard Harry Dresden has had one quiet — make that dull — year. For 12 whole months, nobody has tried to kill him. Just as he’s settling into these doldrums, Mab, the monarch of the Winter Court of the Sidhe, calls him in for a small favor. (Favors, it seems, are the main currency of Dresden’s universe.) What begins as a tip of the hat quickly escalates into deadly matters that pit Harry against two deadly foes. Supernatural crime noir.

I have to say that this is one of the better books in The Dresden Files series. It is a reasonably straightforward story with Harry doing quite a bit of clobbering (as well as getting clobbered himself of course) without stepping too obviously into various messes along the way. Sure, he steps into quite a lot of things one do not want to step into but it is not as silly and stupid as it was in some of the early books.

Naturally Dresden is as witty, sarcastic and foulmouthed as always. I guess some people would not call it witty and just go with foulmouthed but personally I like the kinds of comments that Harry, or rather Jim Butcher, cranks out.

As usual Harry is in deep shit with all kinds of supernatural entities. Magic flies through the air like rain on a (bad) autumn day. Murphy plays a quite significant role in this instalment and I am quite interested in knowing where that part of the story will go in the end.

There appears to be some dire sacrifices in this book as well. I say “appears” because the person in question did not pass away to the other side (entirely) but, unless some divine intervention takes place he might not have that much of a physical role to play in coming instalment.

There are a lot of action in this book. All quite good, as you can probably deduce from my rating of this book. I was afraid that Harry was going to become a bit of a weakling again after he lost his “fallen companion” and his hellfire with here but there is no evidence of that. Rather the inverse. There are some interesting developments in the area of Harry’s advancements in the world of supernatural wonders.

I would have liked to make a better, more in depth, review of this book but since I have some rather personal family issues that I have to devote time to right now this will simply have to do.

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