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Revelation Protocol – Solid young adult adventure story

Revelation Protocol (Star Runners #2) by L.E. Thomas
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Revelation Protocol“About the dangers out there.” Nubern leaned into the camera. “There is much more going on in Quadrant Eight than I have been at liberty to tell you.”

Austin Stone always heard you can’t go home again, but he is looking forward to his leave on Earth.

Upon his arrival, Austin is immediately thrust into danger as a shadowy force targets Star Runners and their loved ones on Earth in a series of violent attacks. After surviving an explosion on the streets of San Francisco, Austin rushes back to Georgia to secure the safety of his mother.

Violence builds and an unimaginable attack is launched, leading Austin back into the seat of a Trident fighter to defend his home and family.

This is a solid young adult adventure story although I have to say that I liked the first one better. Then I have a tendency to always like the first book in any series that revolves around humans discovering that the are other life out there. That is when these kind of stories are fresh and they deliver most of their potential.

This instalment did indeed try to keep some of those things in that Austin’s mother as well as a whole bunch of other people got involved. It is good reading but, as I wrote, I really felt that those “revelation” parts where better in the first instalment.

There is a whole bunch of action going on in this book. It flips back and forth quite a lot between Austin and Josh, who is now a captive of the pirates. The action is pretty simple young adult stuff and did not always feel very logical. I guess this is my main gripe with this book. The story sometimes just feels somewhat cobbled together and is fairly ridiculous at times.

The book did set things up for a interesting next book though. I just hope that the author can live up to the challenge of writing what has now become, not simply young adult wow-there-are-life-out-there story, but more of a full fledged space opera.

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