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Fighting for Space – Back to Saxon Andrew’s usual writing

Fighting for Space (Escape to Earth #2) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Fighting For SpaceDiscovering who your enemies might be is a task fraught with intrigue and errors. The villain today may be tomorrow’s hero. The way things keep changing, it’s going to take a score card to keep track of who is the next civilization to attack Earth.

However, something, or someone, is manipulating mankind and it appears they’re doing it to help Earth survive. Their handiwork is easily seen, after events unfold, but no one knows who it is or what their motives are. Once this mystery is unraveled, Lukas learns that Earth is being set up for destruction and the force coming to do it is unstoppable. All the assistance being given to him will not be enough to hold back the coming tide. Mankind has no choice but to fight for space and make the enemy fight for every inch. The action is unrelenting in Fighting for Space.

If you are a fan of Saxon Andrew then you will probably like this book. Personally I have to say that I was a wee bit disappointed. I had stopped reading books from this author because, even though I do like to read young adult material from time to time, every book felt just more like the same. The same in this case was (is) mainly naivety and overwhelming scenarios where galaxies and even universes are pitted again each other. Science is really non existent and “strategy” is mostly about how many reactors that can be fitted on a ship and whether it can fly fast enough or stealthy enough to defeat the enemy. I quite liked these kind of stories…for a while but you (or at least I) can only digest so many of them.

I gave this series a try because it sounded like it was going to be a bit of a depart from the previous book by this author and, indeed, the first book in the series was. However, this one is really back to the “old ways”.

The thrill of an alien, with somewhat supernatural powers, hiding on Earth is gone and we are back to fleet of millions of ships slugging it out in space. Ships are distinguished largely by which colour they are. The bad guys are made to see the light and turned into fierce allies in the blink of an eye and in the most naïve manner.

Bottom line is that this is a classical Saxon Andrew book and there is really little that distinguishes it from the rest of his many books. I do not like to drop a series in the middle of it but I am not really pressed to read the next instalment in this series when it comes out either.

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