The Belial Origins – Good fantasy, adventure and thriller book.

The Belial Origins (The Belial Series #6) by R. D. Brady
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The Belial OriginsA powerful relic was hidden eons ago to protect mankind. If it’s uncovered, our world will change forever. But the Fallen are on its trail. And they’re not the only ones.

The key to this ancient danger is none other than Victoria Chandler. No one knows who she really is, or more importantly, what her role is in the fight against the fallen angels. But Victoria’s time for secrecy is over. Now she must step out of the shadows and take her rightful place in mankind’s history.

Delaney McPhearson, Jake Rogan, and Henry Chandler’s fight against the Fallen will take them from ancient temples to natural wonders. But with every step, the danger will grow more severe and the stakes ever higher.

And in this battle, not everyone will be standing when the dust clears.

An enjoyable fantasy, adventure and thriller book. Like the previous book in this series, and unlike the first couple of books, there is no pretence to keep the presence of various good and evil supernatural powers a mystery any more. Angels, both good ones and fallen ones roam the earth and biblical personas and references abound. Naturally said personas and references are embellished quite a lot.

In general it is a good book. The familiar faces from previous instalments are back and we do finally get to know Victoria’s secret even though the road to there is a somewhat bumpy one. The author have built an interesting story around Victoria (whose name is really not Victoria but a more biblical one) and the entire biblical story of creation although I have to say that for some parts I found it a bit convoluted. In particular I was not too keen on the parts where Victoria had split up with her former partner due to differences of opinions and the bla bla about equality etc. etc. Felt like a cheap attempt to surf on popular politically correct opinions.

There is quite a bit of action in the book and not so much slow investigative work. The book runs pretty much full steam ahead to the grand finale which of course is not only the revelation of Victoria’s secrets but also the usual combat between good and evil and, as the book blurb indicates, sacrifices will be made. Most of the time we follow either Delaney or Victoria. The latter who rather early in the book ends up in somewhat of a predicament. The book pretty much closes the main story arc that we have been following since the first book in the series although it does not really close The Belial Series as a whole if one should judge from the actual ending as well as the author’s comments.

As I wrote, this is a good fantasy, adventure and thriller book. Perhaps not wow-great in my opinion but definitely above average and well worth reading. I am certainly interested to see where the author goes with this material now.

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