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Running from Fate – Quite good young adult book

Running From Fate (Escape to Earth #1) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Escape to Earth - Running From FateLiving in the Fellowship meant fighting one space battle after another. Every civilization was aggressive, hostile, and impossible to live with in peace. A Welken Task Force stumbles upon a massive Myot ship building complex and every Welken Warship is destroyed in the ensuing battle before they can warn the home world of the Myot’s location. One escape pod manages to escape the battle and the Myot know it must be prevented from making it back to Welken Territory. Every Myot Warship is called in to block the escape pod from going home while thousands of trackers move in on the skip trace the pod has left in its wake. It must be found and destroyed before the locations of the Myot Construction Planets are revealed.

The Escape Pod’s computer knows the chances of escape are growing smaller with each passing moment and it’s forced to make a hard decision. Landing on a primitive planet is forbidden by the most powerful species in the Milky Way but the computer knows there’s no other choice available to save its occupant and its programming dictates it must do all it can to save him. The only possible salvation is to escape to Earth and try to hide.

However, no one has ever survived the fate awaiting those that violate the Sentinels’ Covenant and the Stalkers have always found their quarry. Escaping to Earth was the simple part, running from the fate stalking them was quite another. What made the task even more impossible was a Rogue Sentinel, who was working an agenda that would lead to Earth’s ultimate destruction. All the pieces were coming together and the arrival of the Escape Pod and its occupant started it moving toward completion.

I used to read quite a few of Saxon Andrew’s books and quite liked them. Then they became rather repetitive and the youngish and naïve writing style started to feel a bit too simplistic for me so I stopped for a while. When I saw this one popping up on my Amazon recommendations, and after having read the book blurb, I decided that maybe I should give it a try. The blurb seemed to indicate that it might be sufficiently different from his other books to be interesting and I felt like going for a quick and easy read anyway.

It turned out to be a rather good decision. I quite liked this book. Yes it is the same youngish, simple and naïve writing style as Saxon Andrew always have used but in small dozes it is rather refreshing since it is always quite upbeat. The heroes are heroes in shining armor (or invisible force fields) and good have a tendency to prevail sooner or later. There are always some likable character or characters (human or otherwise) that feels rewarding to follow and the story is usually a bit of roller coaster style adventure.

This book have several of the ingredients that I like in books. First contact, a bit of superhuman abilities, there are things that go bump in…space, bad guys getting nasty surprises etc. Needless to say, the escape pod and its passenger are setting in motion a chain of events which have drastic consequences for Earth and its inhabitants.

One thing that have disappointed me previously with Saxon Andrew’s latest books are that some of them started off nicely but then quickly evolved (devolved?) into the same far out wild fantasies where stars, galaxies and even universes are destroyed at frightening speeds and it was difficult to see much difference between one book series and another. I guess we have to se if this one can avoid the same fate. I will pick up the next book and have a go at it at least.

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