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Passed 1000 titles in my movie collection.

Today I added a few more movies to my movie collection and this brought me above 1000 titles. I am sure that all “real” die-hard move fans out there do not think a meager 1000 titles are a big deal but for me, a mere amateur collector, it is a bit of a milestone. I like watching movies but one can hardly say that I am a fanatic or anything and it took me a bit more than 10 years to get to 1000 titles. Perhaps I should point out that it is physical media (around 400 Blu-rays and 600 DVDs) we’re talking about. I do not count downloads.

Actually I am cheating a bit though. I have counted the ones I have on pre-order as well and it was todays pre-order of a few movies that brought me above 1000 titles in total. Of course the actual number of discs are a lot more, even if you do not count bonus discs, since I do not count every episode. The 40+ disks of The Complete Hercules Poirot Collection counts as one title for instance.

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