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Deezer Elite service, what are they thinking?

Deezer Elite 2A few days ago Deezer launched their Elite service in Europe. On the surface it sounds great. For an additional subscription fee you get lossless 1411 kbps FLAC instead of the 320 kbps MP3 you get with the standard service. At least I would be quite interested in this. Especially when syncing music to various devices with the Deezer app. However, in reality, the service is pretty useless. At least to me.

The show stopper is that you cannot get this quality on any of the ordinary Deezer apps. You have to buy Sonos hardware as well. I know that this is the case in the US where the service was first introduced but I kind of hoped that this was some kind of special commercial deal for the US market and that they would not do something as stupid as that in Europe. Sadly they did.

I just cannot grasp what they are thinking? I know a fair number of people, including myself, who would be very interested in a real HD service from Deezer but not if it means investing in special gear. I have perfectly good gear already and there is no way I put more stuff in there just because some clueless bean counter at Deezer though it would be a good deal to tie their service to some hardware manufacturer.

I tried to post a question on their blog whether or not this service would eventually be available without the Sonos requirement but either they simply cannot be bothered to maintain their site properly or they are deliberately trying to sweep unpleasant questions under the carpet because my comment have been sitting as “Waiting moderation” for several days now.

Well, too bad for you Deezer, you are not getting my subscription money and I just stick to CD’s for my higher quality listening for a while more.

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