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The Job Offer – Nice small novella by the author of The Nameless War trilogy.

The Job Offer by Edmond Barrett
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The Job OfferSituation vacant: Operative Required, post includes full training, international travel and slight to moderate chance of death. No allergies to animals preferred.

Jennifer Graham has a dead-end job, a grotty apartment and a boyfriend who was last seen skipping town with every cent she owned. An ordinary life, until the night a tall dark stranger breaks into her home, and offers her a job. A secret organisation wants Jennifer, why they will not say, but introduced to a world of myths and monsters, for Jennifer the race is on. Can she learn enough about this new world – and herself – to survive it.

At just below 40 000 words this is really a novella rather than a full size novel. Normally I am not to interested in these shorter works like novellas and short stories. However, this particular one is written by the author of The Nameless War trilogy which I like quite a lot. I am currently reading the third book in that series. The book blurb also did appeal to me so I gave it a shot.

I quite enjoyed this book. To me the main drawback was really its length. I would very much have liked it to be a more full sized book. Jennifer is thrown into the deep end of the world of things that go bump in the night. Not only that but, as she is about to discover, she might actually have more in common with that world than the one she has been used to live in. I do like these kind of stories.

Given the shortness of the novella there was of course not much room for neither world building nor character development. Still the author managed to create, or at list hint at, a world and scenario that caught my interest. He also managed to create two interesting and likable characters, Jennifer and her, initially somewhat mysterious, new friend Colin who is a tea drinking British gentleman. Ehhh, on second thought forget the “man” part. Actually maybe we should forget the “gentle” part as well.

The book is condensed as I wrote and the story moves along at a fairly brisk pace. It is not a bad story and, as an introduction, it works quite well. So well that I hope the author actually continues this story in a more full length novel. After all, even though the actual mission in story is concluded, at the end of the book the stage is really set for a continuation.

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