The bloody oxygen wasters in EU have done it again!

This is bloody unbelievable. A number of sensible countries in Europe have decided to apply the same VAT-rate on electronic books as on paper books. Since EU is nothing but a bunch of tax-gready bureaucratic vultures, mostly wasting the taxpayers money and trying to regulate our lives in minute detail, the fact that books have a lower VAT-rate than other merchandise is in itself an exception that the sensible countries have managed to haggle through.

Now some useless scumbag in the European Commission have dragged a number of those countries to court and ruled that this is illegal according to EU VAT directives because the exception was only for paper books. What the fuck? It is illegal to apply the same VAT-rate to all kind of books? This must be one of the most idiotic things I have heard from these total morons in a long time. It is even dumber than them wanting to regulate how powerful vacuum cleaners we should be allowed to have.

In the same statement these idiots recognize that this is perhaps a bit illogical but since they are idiots in the first place and wrote the law such that it can be construed in a way which will extort some more money from their hostages (ehhh, sorry, I believe we are called citizens) then that is the way it will be until they can change the law. The latter a process which they of course will manage to drag out in time for many years to come.

EU have long since lost their purpose. It is now just another bureaucratic useless organization on top of the already too large national bureaucracies and a total waste of taxpayers’ money.

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