Arrrggghhh, fucked by CanalSat’s crapware again!

Yes I know, I have been harping about CanalSat and their crap hardware, crap software and crap service before but I got so pissed off again yesterday that I just have to blow off some steam. I sat down yesterday to watch an old classic, Alvarez Kelly, which I had recorded some time ago. About half an hour into the movie the sound suddenly shifted so the picture and the sound became out of phase. Not just by a small amount either but by a good half minute. Naturally that made the movie unwatchable and it is really not the first time this happens. So I thought I’ll stop and restart the playback from the beginning so it would get back in sync and then hoped that I could fast forward to where I was.

Well, this piece of crapware was apparently determined to ruin my movie evening because when I clicked the stop button the entire bloody thing froze up on me. Also not the first time this happens. The CanalSat hardware must be the worst piece of shitware I have ever come across. Every time you use it you have to pray that it doesn’t freeze or just generally screws up.

The only thing to do in order to unfreeze said shitware is to recycle the power. Since I, as you may have understand from my previous comments, have done this on numerous occasions already, I know that it takes a looooong time for this piece of crud to start up again. So there my movie evening went out the window.

Netflix LogoThus I left the CanalSat box to restart, hoping that it would actually do restart, and flipped over to my PS3 and opened up Netflix which as usual, worked perfectly. I have issues with CanalCrap almost on a weekly basis. I have not had an issue with Netflix since it was introduced in France. Image as well as sound quality is generally excellent, for a streaming service of course. Better than CanalCrap’s image and sound which is not very surprising of course. Sure I have a 100 Mbps connection but hey, Internet over fiber is actually becoming rather common around where I live now.

However, this is one of the things that really pisses me off with this CanalSat business. Netflix got screwed over by the French protectionist politicians because they wanted to protect their own businesses. However, their own businesses are crap. They are competing with protectionist legislation instead of making better products. What I am amazed about is that the EU bureaucrats are quick to talk about trade barriers and how we should not have them but at the same time they allow France to protect their uncompetitive useless businesses like this. EU is really as dysfunctional as the CanalSat crapware.

Okay, I’m done blowing off steam for now.

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