Comixology finally came out with an update that fixes…nothing!

Comixology Crap AppComixology must have the worst developers and the worst quality control of any software provider that I have personally come across. I was about to write the worst support as well but unfortunately support is generally outsourced and universally a total joke nowadays so the winner of that competition is not so clear cut.

Anyway, yesterday Comixology updated their app in the Windows 8 app store. This was way overdue in the first place since this utterly crappy app had not received any updates actually improving anything the last two(!) years. Yes there have been a few updates but they have added absolutely nothing of value to the app. Certainly not fixing any of the many bugs.

The fix-list for this update was meager but it contained a supposed fix for the one major show-stopper for the app, the downloads that just blocks randomly and forces you to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix it. Since Comixology unfortunately have a more or less monopoly on certain comics (something I really wish the useless bureaucrats in EU would bother looking into) I really would have liked the app to start working so I installed the update.

Guess what? It does not work!!! After a few downloads it blocked again. And of course they had not bothered fixing anything else either, like that you cannot purchase anything in-app since their move to an EU-specific store with their main site for example. At least I get a crappy and uninformative internal error message every time that I try unless I am in Switzerland (outside EU) then it works.

I cannot say that I am surprised given their previous performance but it is still a bloody joke. It is like they put a technical student or summer worker on it, he found something that he thought would fix the issue and then they just shoved the code out the door without doing any quality assurance whatsoever.

Well, I guess I’ll stick to reading real books and comics that I can purchase from other sources a while longer. Comixology will continue to not getting any of my money as long as they show this kind of utter incompetence as well as disrespect for Windows 8 users.

One thought on “Comixology finally came out with an update that fixes…nothing!

  1. As of August 2015 and Windows 10, the app continues to ‘forget’ it’s downloaded comics, fails to download comics, fails to load comics. It’s the worst app I’ve ever tried to use.


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