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Trakt v2.0 Adding to Custom List

Yesterday the team finally brought back the ability to add and remove shows from your custom lists. This was the remaining major omission on the new site for me. Sure there are still plenty of minor annoying things, like rendering on IE 11 for instance which is not always good and even the list editing is only half implemented but for all intents and purposes it works now.

I have to admit that the new site starts to look and feel quite good now. The dashboard is still pretty useless to me since the upcoming schedule is useless unless you live in the US and I could not care less about the last month at a glance stuff. I would really like to have a customizable dashboard where I can put the stuff I like and remove the stuff I do not like. It is also somewhat annoying that there are no quick links to your lists, progress, history etc from the dashboard. You have to first go to your profile page and then navigate from there.

Well, I just save a shortcut directly to my profile page instead and that problem is solved. It is a bit of a shame to have a dashboard page which is so useless though. I can imagine that it is more useful for people living in the US since for them the upcoming schedule might actually be useful.

Trakt v2.0 Profile PageI do like the profile page. I have gotten used to the big blobs on it, it looks quite pleasing to me now actually and from the profile page I can quickly go to the pages I use the most like the progress page for quick access to the shows I am in the progress of watching and the history page whenever I want to rate something afterwards.

On the whole does indeed work for me now and since the Watchlist app on Windows 8 got upgraded to use the v2.0 API I can use that app again on my Windows tablet. I hope that Trakt did not lose too many users in this debacle though. Even though the end result now looks to be rather positive this was truly one of the most infuriating and botched up upgrade I have experienced.

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