New WordPress Theme

Unless it is your first visit to the site you have probably noticed that I changed the WordPress theme for the site. Why? Well, for starters, what good is a hobby site if you cannot tinker with it from time to time? Also, I had become a bit tired of the old theme. It looked nice for sure but it also gave the site a rather professional magazine look. Maybe too professional and a bit impersonal. This is a hobby site after all and I really did not want to pretend that it was anything like a professional review site.

So I went back to a more traditional blogging theme where the main part of the page is a flow of articles and where the full article text is displayed right away. The theme I picked, Twenty Fourteen, is actually the “official” WordPress theme for 2014. I rather like the way it looks in general and it had the advantage, for me at least, in that had a simple featured post panel at the top of the page. I quite like that I can highlight book or movie articles that I feel are especially noteworthy.

Then again, maybe it is just me that thinks any of my ramblings are noteworthy 🙂

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