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Netflix is great despite French protectionists trying to screw it. CanalSat still sucks big time.

Netflix LogoI am using Netflix more and more since it was (finally) made available in France. Especially for watching TV-shows. The French protectionists and bureaucrats are still screwing Netflix big time with their nonsense rules that Netflix are only allowed to show movies that are three(!) years old or older. That is just so fuck you assholes. They are trying to protect national companies that are unable to compete by themselves. This is one time when the EU could have done some good but noooo. The common market and common rules got thrown out of the window on this one. France must be one of the most protectionist countries within EU and they get away with it. I love living in France for a lot of reasons but this part is really the worst part of it.

Anyway, Netflix works for starters which is more than one can say about the CanalSat crap. I’m using my PS3 for the viewing and I have not had a glitch so far. The image is generally of HD quality, although not anywhere near Blu-ray of course, and at least as good as what comes out of the CanalSat box. Sure, the selection of movies that interests me is somewhat meager with this asinine three year rule but there are lots of TV-shows. Enough to keep me going for a good long time. The fact that you can watch them when you feel like is of course just great. Sure you can use CanalSat’s on demand feature but they do not carry everything, the quality is usually inferior than the ordinary transmission and then we have the utterly unreliable crap-box of theirs. A few days ago I had to reset it and reinitialize it…again! The bloody crap just stopped working. Naturally I lost all the settings in the process. Luckily this time I did not loose my recordings as I did the last time.

CanalSat-Le-Cube-is-Crap.jpgI cannot believe how crappy CanalSat really is. Their service stinks, their hardware is the worst piece of crap that I have ever encountered, they always phone me and try to harass me into buying more options. Christ, I am already paying 45 EUR for CanalSat’s crap while I pay only 8.99 EUR for Netflix. Unfortunately I feel I (or rather the household) need some service where we can watch “ordinary” channels like SyFy, National Geographic and a whole bunch of other ones and the only option in France is CanalCrap. Otherwise I would have ditched them long ago.

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