Apps Computers Software fixes some issues but is still fairly botched up.

Trakt v2.0 Update
Trakt v2.0 Update

Since I wrote my last article about’s fairly botched up major update to v2 they have managed to fix two of the issues although I have to say that this is not that impressive given how much they managed to screw up.

One is the constant requests for logging on. It now appears that, once logged on, you are not asked to log on again every time you go to the site. You are not given an option as to whether or not you want to be kept logged on which may not sit so well with everyone but for me it is an improvement.

You can also actually rate shows you have watched as well now. I find it fairly amazing how this could have been missed out in the first release of the update. It is still not perfect though since in some places yoy can rate a show or movie but in some you cannot. For instance, in a movie’s details page you cannot rate it, you can only set it to watched, but if you then go to your history page you can rate the movie that you just marked as watched from there. In general it appears that there have been little to no usability or beta testing whatsoever done on this new version of the site.

Several major issues still remains. One of the most glaring ones are that you cannot edit your personal lists in anyway. At least not that I have found. You can add and remove shows to the watchlist but that is it. There is no way to add or remove shows from any of your personal lists. That is just unbelievable!

Then there is the issue with all the apps of course. Since they removed the old API and the v2 API is not backwards compatible all the apps are screwed. Some of these are apps that people actually paid for! I had an exchange with one of the app developers that are trying to get things working again who remarked that “Trakt is not very stable these days…”. I am really surprised, not to mention unhappy, about how poorly this update has been handled.

They also provide no information whatsoever to the users. At the bottom of every page there is a link to their blog which is…empty! As I wrote, poorly handled to say the least. Progress Page v2 Progress page

Sure, the site looks cooler but it is not very useful as it works (or rather not works) today. Well, there are some parts which are quite nice and works well though. The Progress page that you can access from your profile page is indeed very nice. By default it sorts by Recently Watched and you can actually change the sorting. Something which you cannot in most other places since there is only one alternative in the drop down and usually not the one you want. It also shows the next episode to watch and you can both rate the episode and mark it as watched directly from that page. If everything would have been as well working and complete as this page then this update would have been great.

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