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The Masters of War: Somewhat lacking Deja vu story.

The Masters of WarThe Masters of War (The Human Chronicles #8) by T.R. Harris
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Adam Cain is an alien with an attitude…

And now he’s taken that attitude to the Milky Way’s closest galactic neighbor, the Large Magellanic Cloud seeking his nemesis Nigel McCarthy. This is virgin territory for the Human race, full of unsuspecting alien races who are not aware of their superman-like abilities. Yet as Adam and Nigel battle it out once again, another galaxy is thrown into turmoil and war.

And behind all the intrigue and political backstabbing is none other than Kroekus of Silea, back for another round of gamesmanship with Adam Cain.

I am afraid that this book did not really live up to my expectations. It feels a lot like a partial rehash of the same basic formula that was used for the first books in the series. Unfortunately that story is, for obvious reasons, not so fresh any more and it does give quite a bit of a Deja vu feeling.

Sure, Adam Cain is still the usual alien with a (bad-ass) attitude but he appears to have grown dumber over time. For most of the book he stumbles into one fix or downright obvious trap after another and barely manages to extricate himself. Not always by his own merit really. Nigel McCarthy is always one step ahead and generally gives the impression of being rather superior to Cain throughout the entire book which gives me as a reader a rather downbeat feeling.

Also, the title, The Masters of War, is somewhat of an exaggeration I would say. Sure, there is a build up going on but there is really no real war in this book. The majority of the book is about Adam quite unintelligently fumbling around which was not what the title would imply to me at least.

Adam’s constant screw ups does of course lead to a few displays of human superiority when it comes to the use of both fists and firearms but the story really lacks the kick-ass, do not mess with Adam, content that I would have expected.

One positive thing about the book though is the little reunion at the end which hints at better things to come. Better as in time to get back in the ass-whopping routine for Adam and his friends. I sure hope this is going to happen because otherwise I am hesitant as to whether I will continue with the series.

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