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First Strike: Good straightforward space action story.

First StrikeFirst strike by Christopher Nuttall
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

The best defense…

Starting a war with an enemy a hundred times stronger is insane. It’s desperate. And it’s Earth’s only hope.

A massive alien power looms over humanity, claiming Earth as its territory and humanity as its slaves. The Hegemony has already taken over one colony, yoking hundreds of thousands under their brutal rule. Every tactical exercise, every wargame and every simulation gives humanity zero chance in a defensive campaign.

Earth’s only chance to win the coming war – is by striking first.

After my disappointment with the abysmal last instalment in the Secret McQueen series I thought I should pick a book from an author that I feel is somewhat of a safe card so my choice fell on Christopher Nuttall. So far this author have never really disappointed me and indeed his First Strike delivered some quite enjoyable reading.

This book is perhaps a little less complex and a bit lighter on the characters than most of his other books but it is a good straightforward space action story. The core of the story is humanity kicking some serious behinds after being bullied by a overconfident alien race bent on expansion. This kind of story is right up my alley so it was of course easy for me to take a liking to it and maybe overlook the fact that it was a somewhat lighter read than many of the authors books.

I fail to understand why some reviewers feel it is disjointed and that there are too many characters and so on. It is nothing of the kind. There are really not that many characters compared to many books. The characters themselves might be a wee bit on the light side in terms of depth and development though but I think they are just right for this type of book. The story is quite straightforward and follows a quite logical thread. Somewhat predictable perhaps but, as I wrote above, it is my kind of story and I like that it moves forward at a fairly brisk pace without too many politicians and dimwits ruining the plans for the good guys.

In short, the humans kick some serious behinds despite being heavily outmatched, matching quantity by quality in terms of knowledge of warfare and imagination in using the technology they have been given. In the background there is a mysterious race said to be in decline but that have bootstrapped most of the “younger races” into space. I would say that there is a quite interesting scenario set up for future books in this universe and I would not mind if more were written. That said the author already have a number of good series running so I would be a bit scared of him overstretching himself with yet another series.

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