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Peacekeeper 2: Quite enjoyable easy reading

Peacekeeper 2Peacekeeper 2 (Galactic Alliance #5) by Doug Farren
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Thomas Wilks is a Terran. Lashpa Krish is a Rouldian. They have declared themselves to be gragrakch—two bodies, one soul. Both are peacekeepers—cyborgs charged with enforcing Alliance law. In accordance with Rouldian tradition, the two peacekeepers travel to Lashpa’s home planet of Fanish to make their declaration of gragrakch official. Although they’ve been very close friends for years, Tom and Lashpa quickly discover that they still have much to learn about each other. Their efforts to deepen their relationship is interrupted when they stumble upon a hidden Chroniech base. Stranded in Alliance space, the Chroniech managed to survive by attacking civilian cargoliners. That changed when they discovered an ancient secret buried within their wandering planetoid—a secret that could result in the annihilation of hundreds of billions of Alliance citizens.

Peacekeeper 2 is the 5th book in the Galactic Alliance series. It is however part of a new story arc that begun with the previous book, Peacekeeper. You do not have to have read the entire series to enjoy this book but you should read the previous one at least.

It is a fairly enjoyable easy reading I would say. The story is a rather simple but nice adventure story that stands pretty much alone as far as the reading goes even though it has its tie-ins with the previous history of the Galactic Alliance universe and, as I said, especially with the previous Peacekeeper book. The core story is padded out with the strange gragrakch-relationship between Tom and Lashpa.

On the whole the story is well balanced between the action-driven parts and the Tom and Lashpa relationship. There are quite large parts, especially at the beginning, that are dedicated to the stranded Chroniechs and their internal dealings. At the beginning I felt almost like the book was about the Chroniechs rather than the Peacekeepers but I would say that it evened itself out in the end.

The story is fairly straightforward with clear good guys and bad guys, some heroics and a decent amount of action. I would say that it borders towards the young adult category. Although I hardly belong to that group of people any more, despite my desperate attempts of pretending to still be young (which my wife tells me fails miserably), I do like that category of stories if they are well done and I would say this one is nicely done and quite entertaining.

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