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Damnation: Good book but not the best in the series.

DamnationDamnation (Theirs Not to Reason Why #5) by Jean Johnson
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

It began with a terrible vision of the future. Compelled by her precognitive abilities, Ia must somehow save her home galaxy long after she’s gone. Now Jean Johnson presents the long-awaited epic conclusion to her national bestselling military science fiction series…

With their new ship claimed and new crewmembers being collected, Ia’s Damned are ready and willing to re-enter the fight against the vicious, hungry forces of their Salik foes. But shortly after they board the Damnation to return to battle, a new threat emerges. After several centuries of silence, the Greys are back, and the Alliance must now combat both a rapacious, sadistic enemy, and a terrifying, technologically superior foe.

Ia has asked nothing of her crew that she herself has not been willing to give. But with two wars to bring to an end—and time running out—Ia must make and execute the most terrible choice of all…

This is another good book in the series although I have to say that, as a series finale, it did not manage to reach the heights that I was hoping for. I like Ia and her telling everyone else what is about to happen and, occasionally, showing off what she is really capable of. I like her a lot. I would say that the book is generally very well written as well.

However, a lot of this book felt like it was “only” telling the conclusion of the story by retelling the events that happened when in reality we knew pretty much where everything was going. After the previous book this one felt like just a wrap up. I know that it would have been a large book if book 4 and 5 would have been one book, as the author originally intended, but there are bigger books around and I think it would have been a better choice.

The ending itself also gave me a bit of a “hey wait, is that it?” feeling. It was rather abrupt and did not give a very satisfying feeling. The only thing we got was pretty much Ia’s prophetic stamp that everything was going to be alright. I felt that to be a bit lacking.

Nevertheless it is a good book and it was enjoyable reading. I do hope the author continues to write these kind of stories. It is tempting to ask for a new series with a continuation of some kind with Ia in it but I am not sure how feasible it would be to do this without making it either disappointing or somehow over the top. After all, Ia had developed to almost God-like powers. Where do you go from there without making it over the top?

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