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Anarchate Vigilante: The Vigilante Continues His High-Tech Romp Through the Galaxy

Anarchate VigilanteAnarchate Vigilante (Vigilante Series #4) by T. Jackson King
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Matt Dragoneaux the Vigilante has destroyed nearly a thousand Battleglobes of the Anarchate, the ruthless commercial combine that has ruled the galaxy for two million years based on the doctrine that “anarchy is profitable!”

But Matt’s fleet of T’Chak warships has suffered the loss of five A.I. minds. And a new Anarchate fleet commander has developed weapons that can overload the Alcubierre shields that protect his ships from weapons fire. His war against cloneslavery has become painful for him, his lifemate Eliana, his A.I. partner Mata Hari, and the pilots of the 502 T’Chak warships that are pitted against 11,000 Battleglobes of the Anarchate.

Even as the Anarchate rulers seek ways to trap Matt, his raid on a cloneslaver base reveals shocking news—his mother Kristen and his sister Charlotte are alive and working as labor slaves for Alien owners! Can Matt and his allies rescue the last survivors of his family? Or will the Anarchate capture them as a tool to bring Matt to his destruction?

If you liked the previous books in the series then you will probably like this one. It is the continuation of the Vigilante’s (Matt Dragoneaux’s) high-speed and high-tech romp through the galaxy in his war against the cloneslavers and the Anarchate. There are a few twists along the way but in general not much of surprises. Well, there were a few surprises along the way for Matt but these twists were not entirely unpredictable as far as I am concerned.

There are plenty of action both ship action and Matt & Co doing a bit sightseeing in their battle suits. The action is, as before, mostly done in the hyper-accelerated world of AI thought processes which together with the fairly high tech and very varied weaponry makes for some quite fun reading. These books are not really for the non-techie readers out there.

I like Matt, his lifemate and his friends. I especially like the battle AI of Matt’s ship although it (he?) did not get as prominent a position in the book as it got in previous books.

As far as I understood it there are one more book planned in the series and given that Matt have brought one of the Anarchate sectors to it’s knees but that it is only one out of sixteen I would assume that the next book is not exactly going to slow down the pace. This book of course leaves a few loose threads and looming dangers in preparation for the next one.

I am looking forward to the next book but at the same time I am hoping that there will be some conclusion in it. After four books the novelty of the hyper-accelerated high tech battles have worn off a bit after four books and the characters and the story are only good for certain amount of reader attention. I did like this book but at the same time it was starting to feel a bit been there, seen that, done that.

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