Rebellion: More politics and less aliens in this one

Warstrider - RebellionRebellion (Warstrider 2) by Ian Douglas (alias for William H. Keith Jr.)
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

In the wake of a breakthrough in the struggle against the Xenos on its frontier worlds, the Hegemony turns its attention to the planet Eridu, where newly-encountered Xenos as well as brewing unrest among the colonists threaten the Hegemony’s rule. The ensuing struggle will test loyalties and have a far-reaching impact on the future of human and alien alike.

This book is more about the politics of the Warstrider universe and less about both aliens and Warstriders than the first book. This is of course not my preferred direction to go for a book but I still found Rebellion a good book. The goal for these political machinations is a good one, the liberation from the oppressive Japanese rule. I never really liked that set up of how humanity was ruled in the first book anyway so I guess this helped me be more accepting to the politics and the fact that the Xenos played second violin in this book.

The fact that the book takes a somewhat different track does not mean that there are no action though. There are quite a lot of action as a matter of fact and it is not just Warstrider action but we even get a few rounds of it in space.

The two main characters from the first book is back although they, at first at least, appears to be on separate sides. The book is well written and I had no problem taking interest into what was going to happen to Dev and Katya. The aliens are taking a bit of a backseat in this book since they are not the main opponents but that does not mean that they are absent. Quite on the contrary. They play an essential role in the book and they are as incomprehensible to the human mind, and we to them, as before. As far as I am concerned the author is making a good job of portraying these Xenos which definitely are not your ordinary out of the box alien bad guys.

The scene is quite well set for an interesting third book in the series now. I am tempted to consider both book one and book two as stage setters for the real story. I am quite looking forward to read the next one.

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