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Rise of the Alliance: They shot up the Aurora…again!

Rise of The AllianceRise of the Alliance (The Frontiers Saga #12) by Ryk Brown
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

A new ally providing aid…
An old ally joining the fight…
Their resources growing with each passing day…
Their homeworld finally on the road to recovery…

Things finally seem to be coming together for Captain Scott and the Alliance, as he takes his forces on the offensive. However, the Jung may in turn give him more trouble than he bargained for.

This is undoubtedly a very good book but…they, bloody hell, shot up the Aurora…again!

Let’s get the ranting over with right away. This book would have gotten a full 10 out of 10 stars if it was not for the fact that this shooting Aurora to pieces in more or less every book got old several books ago and the extreme extent to which it is done again and again and again is not very realistic. There is no way they could shoot her to pieces like that and then fix her up over and over again. The frame would be so structurally compromised that it would just be impossible. This really annoys me and it is really a testament to how good the (rest of the) book actually is that I did not let this drag down the rating even more.

Okay, with that over with, I really enjoyed reading the book. The familiar characters are back for a new episode of the Earth – Jung war. There are plenty of space combat but avoid being re-conquered is not the only problem for Captain Nathan. Keeping some semblance of law and order on Earth in the aftermath of the Jung bombardment requires the help of the Ghatazhak. Something not everyone is that happy with.

Back in Takaran space Prince Casimir is fighting with the utter dimwitz in the Takaran parliament in order to try and provide more help to Earth, especially humanitarian help for rebuilding. I really dislike these assholes. It was a hugely bad idea to allow these selfish jerks retain that much power.

Much of the book concerns itself with another Jung battle station, its slow but steady advance towards Earth and our heroes attempts to stop it. I felt that there was a missed opportunity here though. At the beginning of the book we got a few glimpses from the Jung side in the interactions between General Bacca and Admiral Toliva of the battle station. However, this pretty much stops once the station starts to move towards Earth. They way things were set up between the General, having a healthy respect for the Aurora and Captain Nathan, and the Admiral having a bit of invincibility complex, there should have been excellent opportunities for a few I-told-you-so moments between the general and the admiral but nothing really came out of that.

The book ends in yet another climax slugging it out with a Jung battle station. The action is well done, plentiful and thanks to a interesting plot twist already at the beginning of the book, one that I did not see coming for sure, the action is not just ships shooting at each other but some marine (or rather Ghatazhak) action as well. I prefer the first kind of course but there is something for everyone here.

Altogether this was a great book that I enjoyed reading a lot. If I would get one wish concerning future books in this series it would be, stop shooting the Aurora to pieces and get those bloody shields in place dammit! Now I am waiting for the next instalment in the series…

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