From Hell: Quite nice Victorian drama even though the ending is rather tragic

From HellFrom Hell by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes on Netflix
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

In 1888 London, prostitutes living in London’s poor and decrepit East End are being butchered by a killer who has come to be known as Jack the Ripper. Scotland Yard Inspector Frederick Abelard and Sgt. Peter Godley investigate the gruesome killings. The evidence suggests that the killer may have had some medical training but there is reluctance in some quarters to the suggestion that a man of education and class could be involved in such atrocities. Abelard has drug-induced visions, from smoking opium or drinking absinthe, that guide him but as the investigation continues, he finds linkages between the aristocracy, the Freemasons and the senior ranks of both Scotland Yard and the medical profession. For Abelard, he develops affections for the beautiful Mary Kelly who is perhaps destined to be the Ripper’s last victim.

I cannot say that I am an outright fan of old era British crime stories but I do fancy them now and then. This one is a rather dark, grim and gloomy story perfectly suitable as a evening movie at this time of the year when darkness already starts to come quickly and matches the candlelight mood of Victorian London.

I found this a quite nice movie. Well up to its very end which I have to admit is way too tragic for my taste. The voyage to the end was well worth watching though. The dark scenery is very well done. Beautiful and depressing at the same time. It is yet another Jack the Ripper based story and it is pretty much pure fiction loosely based on the character of Jack the Ripper. It is a good and well implemented story though and it was enjoyable to follow Inspector Abelard unravel to true reason behind the murders.

As far as I am concerned the acting was without any major faults and generally of high standard although it is perhaps a bit sad that Johnny Depp again proves that he plays best in roles that portrays a more or less crazy, even insane, character.

The movie is not as gory as one perhaps and it certainly would not classify as a horror movie. Most of the violence is hidden from the viewer although there are a couple of scenes which are a wee bit “splattery” but only if you really have a weak stomach for these things and if you do perhaps you should not watch serial killer movies in the first place.

The ending took a star or two off this movies rating but otherwise it was surprisingly enjoyable.

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