Warstrider: Good solid read and a story with a twist or two.

WarstriderWarstrider (Warstrider #1) by Ian Douglas (alias for William H. Keith Jr.)
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

In the 26th century, humanity is at war with the Xenophobes, and the planet Loki is the next battleground. Dev Cameron joined the military to fly a starship, but is rated unsuitable and grudgingly accepts an assignment with the ground forces piloting a massive walking tank- a warstrider. But Cameron may yet get a chance at glory when he makes a discovery about their alien foes that could change the course of the war.

Mechwarriors is not my favorite subgenre of science fiction but I have enjoyed several of the author’s books in the Heritage, Legacy, Inheritance and Star Carrier series of books so when I saw that this was a republishing of a book series that I had not read by this author I just I had to give it a try.

I have to say that it is a good solid read. I cannot say that it makes me go totally wow or anything but I never lost interest and after having finished the book I felt no hesitation when I added the second book in the series to my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads.

As can be deduced from the book blurb the book is primarily about young Dev Cameron who wanted to fly starships but ends up as a Warstrider pilot instead. Even this was hanging on a thread for some time and I have to say that I felt some despair half way through the book.

Luckily the book is not just about mechwarriors slugging it out but there are some rather interesting alien enemies using nano-technology making things interesting. The political mechanics of the book is also a big part of the story with its Japanese dominance of the human affairs. The main characters in the book are quite well done as are the background story. There are some rather intense action going on but, as I wrote before, the book avoids the trap of turning the entire thing into one big slugfest. In the last third of the book some interesting developments are happening which, to me at least, elevated the book a notch. For any readers not yet having read the book I will of course not reveal any details but the last third of the book was what really made me interested in reading the next book in the series.

In short, a good solid read with something for both the mechwarrior fantast as well as the more general science fiction lover.

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