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Clidepp Requital: Good solid sci-fi adventure

Clidepp RequitalClidepp Requital (A Galaxy Unknown – Border Patrol #2) by Thomas DePrima
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The severely damaged SC Destroyer Perry, nearly destroyed while battling the Clidepp destroyer Glassama, is awaiting the arrival of a Space Command ship-transporter vessel, which will convey it to the Mars shipyard for repairs. Meanwhile, the supreme rebel leader, known only as X to preserve his true identity, decides that Space Command’s involvement in the affairs of the Clidepp Rebels was totally unacceptable. Conveniently ignoring the fact that his people illegally entered GA Space to perpetrate an attack on a diplomatic vessel, he believes the Spaccs had no business getting involved. He conceives a diabolical plan to exact his revenge against Space Command while using them to promote his revolutionary agenda.

I have enjoyed Thomas DePrima’s previous books in the A Galaxy Unknown universe and this one is no exception. As with the previous book a lot of the story takes place down on a planet which, as you probably know by know if you have read other reviews from me, is not my favorite type of sci-fi. It is good sci-fi nonetheless.

We do, of course, follow the adventures of Sydnee Marcola again as she continues to develop and go on various adventures. It is a nice adventure although, as I wrote, it is mostly planet-side apart from a bit of escaping in a somewhat crippled spaceship in the later parts of the book. The bulk of the story is an undercover operation with various complications. I have to say that some parts of the book, stealing components for a spaceship on a foreign planet, fixing delicate equipment with some form of epoxy glue etc. felt a bit too much McGyver for my taste. Not enough for it to be a major minus but still. Also the bungling in the scrapyard on the planet was a bit annoying. Come on, if you do not want to kill the guard animals outright you at least keep watch so you are assured they cannot wake up and sneak on to you. These were supposed to be professional marines after all.

We also get to know why Sydnee was sent to this “backwater” command and I have to say that the explanation was a bit of a disappointment. I expected something more elaborated.

Anyway, this was a good book with a good adventure story. I like Sydnee and there are plenty of other well done characters around. The writing is good and on the whole I quite enjoyed reading this book.

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