What the f… Amazon?

Amazon FrustratedI have to admit that I have not really followed the various turns and twists between Amazon and various book publishers in any great detail. Sure as a reader of over a hundred ebooks a year (140 last year) I have skimmed through more than a few articles but with an emphasize on “skimmed”. One, there is not much I can do about it other than read about the outcome if and when an outcome will finally arrive and two, I have honestly not felt that impacted…yet (or until now).

Personally I have never had much positive feelings towards middlemen whether that is Value Added Retailers adding absolutely no value, grocery resellers driving your vegetables back and forth across the country before they land on your dinner plate or book publishers. Some say publishers add something, some say they are an obstacle. Personally I have a gut feeling that, in the world of ebooks, they are adding costs for not that much value. Sure, a writer might need help with editing and all that but surely you should be able to purchase those services and those services only without having to sell your soul to a publisher. But hey, I am a reader and not a writer so what do I know.

I do know however that I totally despise anyone being forced into doing anything or using anyone company or service.

The reason I decided to write this little rambling (rant) is that I recently got one of Thomas DePrima’s latest books, Clidepp Requital. Since I got all his other books from Amazon I saw no reason to go elsewhere for this one. So when I got the email saying the book was available I went to Amazon to look for it. A search for the name gave…the paperback. No Kindle version. Okaaaay. Maybe the digital version would come later during the day? It did not. I started to hunt around a bit and found, on Thomas DePrima’s site, that the Kindle version is going to be available…2016! What the f…?

Looking a bit closer at the news on the author’s site it appears that, since the author refused to go exclusive with Amazon for his book, it would not be available, in ebook format, on Amazon until over a year after it had been released everywhere else. That is just soo wrong.

This is the first time I have seen this happen. I do not know if it is something new with Amazon or it is due to the author wanting some other deal out of Amazon and not getting it, his post is actually not very clear, or why this has happened. However if it is so that Amazon is simply requiring exclusivity for not delaying the publication of ebooks by over a year then Amazon is just being assholes. I am dead against such a practice.

As I said, this is the first time I have seen this happen but if it continues, well Amazon will be loosing sales from me at least!

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