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Unbelievable…OneDrive is broken AGAIN!

OneDrive Broken AgainThis is bloody unbelievable. OneDrive is broken…again! This time on my new and shiny Surface Pro 3. What the f… Microsoft? I noticed more or less by accident when trying to open an image from my OneDrive pictures folder on my tablet that it would not open but I got some obscure error message that the link was broken. OneDrive itself showed no errors (in the modern UI). It only told me that my files where up to date. However when I opened the Desktop and tried to go to the OneDrive folder in the “normal” file explorer I see that there is a little warning icon and when I try to browse the subfolders everything is greyed out and there is a message at the bottom of the window saying that I am “not connected to the internet”. That is of course pure bullshit. If I double click/long press on any of the folders and select to get the files available off-line OneDrive happily downloads them for me (so much for being not connected) but if I keep them on-line only OneDrive breaks and gives me this bullshit message. Of course I try to do a little search on the Internet and find that other people have had this problem and have reported it to Microsoft only to get the usual nonsense answer checking your internet connection or running the useless troubleshooter. At this point I have not yet found a solution. This is a new machine, less than a month old, I have only installed a few standard modern UI apps from the Windows Store and the bloody OneDrive is already broken. Thumbs DownOneDrive worked quite alright at the time it was Windows Live Mesh and you could do peer to peer sync with it. Now it is a completely unreliable piece of garbage and built into the OS so deeply that you have virtually no control over it. You cannot trust it and you constantly have to monitor it to see if it is broken or not. So far it has broken at some point in time and in one way or another on ALL my Windows 8 machines. For Christ sake Microsoft, get your bloody act together! Fix your unreliable and broken product before you start to hand out terabytes of free space just to get some cheap publicity.

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