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Netflix finally arrives in France but gets screwed by protectionist French pencil pushers.

Netflix LogoI was (and I am still) quite happy when I saw that Netflix was finally on-line for us who lives in France last evening. I have been looking forward to this for some time for several reasons.

One reason was to get an extended selection of movies and TV-shows of course. Especially when there was nothing available on TV (CanalSat) which actually happens quite often.

Another reason was so that CanalSat/Canal+ finally would get some decent competition. CanalSat is really a monopoly company in France and as all monopoly companies they are arrogant bastards with piss poor quality and service. I have written enough articles about the totally abysmal quality of their +Le Cube hardware so I will not harp on about that again now.

I signed up for my free account this morning and tonight I will load up the Netflix app on my PS3 and see if I can get everything working. It works fine on my PC as well as my tablet. I still have to check how it works on my Windows phone since I am in Switzerland now and the app prevents me from using it when not in one of the countries where Netflix officially operates. This is yet another reason that I was looking forward to Netflix. With Netflix I can use my PS3 instead of the CanalSat crapware to watch movies and shows.

When looking through the catalogue on the web I found several TV-shows that I would like to have a look at. Unfortunately here is where the bloody protectionist French pencil pushers and politicians have screwed the consumers again. France must be one of the most protectionist countries outside of certain communist states and banana republics. This shows especially well when it comes to modern media. Just take the ban on Amazon to include free shipping on books and them doing their utmost to block anything, including e-books which for long had higher taxes than ordinary books, that is not French.

So of course they have tried to screw Netflix as well and even more unfortunately they have succeeded fairly well. There are quite a few shows available in the US that are not available in France for example. Now some of this is probably due to copyright issues but it is annoying nonetheless. However, the French bureaucrats have also managed to push through a rule stating that Netflix is not allowed to stream anything that is not at least three years old. What the fuck kind of crap is that? I looked at The Mentalist on their site for instance and sure enough, only the first four seasons are available. That is just soooo fuck you French pencil pushers and protectionist assholes! Luckily there seems to be a movement and even a solid proposal to lower that limit to two years but, as far as I am concerned that is still excessive. Then of course they force Netflix to contribute to French movie industry by having to pay an extra fee as well as having a certain percentage of the catalog of French production.

This really annoys me. If French production cannot compete by themselves in their own country than screw them. Do not try to block companies that does a better of job of attracting the customers. Maybe you should not have levied such horrendous taxes on your own people and your own industry to begin with!

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  1. I know – the only people who benefit from this are pirates.


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