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The Caledonian Cabal: Not a bad story but still somewhat lacking in implementation

Caledonian CabalThe Caledonian Cabal (Almek Manning #2) by J.A. Dalley
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Almek Manning now captains the flagship of the Four Species Alliance. Although he has great officers and crew, the Sky Marshal refuses to let Almek get comfortable and is planning to reassign all of his officers to other commands.

Meanwhile, Almek is worried that no more time can be lost in convincing the Sky Marshal and Jack Dalton to help him rescue his friends who are still trapped in the London Proper Detention Facility, deep in the heart of UME territory.

However, there is still a war that must be waged on Mars and Earth to defeat the UME once and for all, and the Alliance must also remain vigilant of the threat posed by the Draconians and the Garm from the far reaches of space.

The story is not really bad and progresses nicely in this third book in the Almek Manning series but unfortunately the writing has not improved tremendously since the previous book. I vas not very impressed by the first book but I was interested enough in the story to want to see were the author was going with so I got the second book anyway. I felt that the second book was somewhat of an improvement but unfortunately I do not get the same feeling with this third book.

The story is still interesting but the writing feels very superficial. There are little detail and “ambiance” in the book and the characters generally comes out rather flat. Things still happens at a rather high pace but the text lacks the material that makes the reader feel immersed in the universe the author tries to create or feel attached to the characters.

There are some nice action and a few plot twists that make things interesting. As I wrote, there is certainly a decent enough story behind this and it is a shame that, when finishing the book, I simply feel that it is a missed opportunity. That the promise of the story was not really used at all as well as it could have been.

I originally classified this series as young adult and I still think it should be classified as such mainly due to the simple writing. Having said that the book have lost some of its young adventurer appeal in that Almek got promoted in ranks at rocket speed and is no longer the young kid trying to fight himself out of his troubles but more like any adult high up in the ranks of the Four Species Alliance.

At this time I am doubtful whether I will pick up another book in this series or not.

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