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Bookviser: Quite nice ebook-reader for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Bookviser Home ScreenQuite a while ago I settled into using Book Bazaar e-book reader for Windows 8 in combination with Kindle reader for Windows 8 for my reading. Since the Kindle reader doesn’t support personal documents like Amazon’s own Kindle devices I of course had to use something else than Kindle for non-Kindle ebooks but I also liked Book Bazaar reader for its more fine-grained control over the reading experience compared to the Kindle app and it has less bugs. The kindle app still fails the first time I try to enter the store for instance…always.

I did try out quite a lot of other readers at the time but these two are the ones that were left on my tablet after the smoke had cleared. The one drawback with the Book Bazaar reader is that it has no version for Windows Phone and it has no syncing between devices. It is rather annoying to have to find the page where you stopped reading the last time if you want to pick up reading the same book on your second tablet for instance.

Bookviser LibraryRecently Bookviser, which was one of the readers that I previously discarded, have come out with an upgrade that made me reconsider my choice of reader. I liked Bookviser already the first time I tried it but I still picked Book Bazaar for various reasons. Mostly for the simple and clean user interface of Book Bazaar. This time I think Bookviser has the upper hand though. In the latest version. Not only does this version have syncing of your reading position as well as a Windows Phone version were said sync also works but it have a sync mechanism which syncs the entire book so that when you open the app on another device the book is there for you to pick up after a short download. The sync mechanism actually works like a simple e-book repository where you can upload books from your PC via any web browser and then the books are automatically available in the “library” of the app. I have been using it for a while now and it works very well so far.

Bookviser ReadingAs I wrote above, I liked the reader already before this new feature. It has good control over the reading parameters like font sizes, margins, color etc. The reader is free but there are a few options which costs you a few cents. The only one I opted for was an option to be able to choose between various paper-like texture for the pages. I felt it gave a more cozy feeling when reading. Even without this option you can choose between several color screens and the reader have quite nice option where it uses the book cover to create something that looks like the back of the book framing the pages when reading. You can turn this of if you want to use every last millimeter of screen real estate for the text. I left it on though since I like the old-fashioned book quality it gives the reading experience.

The app is quite fast as well both downloading, loading and turning pages, even when I turned on the page turning options that warns that performance might suffer and still I have been running it on a fairly low-end tablets with an Atom CPU’s.

The only thing that is missing is that it doesn’t seem to support publisher styles which some people might see as a drawback. Me, I do not really care that much. I prefer to have full control over these parameters myself.

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