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Out of the Black: Great book. Conclusion? I’m not so sure.

Out of The BlackOut of the Black (Odyssey One #4) By Evan C. Currie
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Deep in blackest space, the Drasin have watched humanity’s journey to the stars—and determined that a species as barbaric as ours has no place in the cosmos.

The wreckage of the starship Odyssey, once Earth’s greatest guardian, lies strewn across New York City. Abandoned by all but its captain, Odyssey’s sacrifice covered the withdrawal of countless troops as the Drasin assault ravaged the planet. When Captain Eric Weston finally emerges from the rubble, impossibly alive thanks to the mysterious “Gaia,” he knows with the Drasin it’s kill or be killed.

But not all of the heavens have proven hostile. The Priminae have felt the full brunt of Drasin aggression on their own home world, and they won’t leave humanity to face annihilation alone. Together with what’s left of the crews of the Odyssey and other starships, they race to join Weston and his group of Earth-bound survivors for a desperate last stand.

I have been looking forward to this book since I read Homeworld. I have to say that I am certainly not disappointed. This is a great book. Eric Weston is back and he kicks butts. This time not so much in space but on the ground. Actually, this book is somewhat different from previous instalments in that a lot of it takes place as marine-style action on the ground. Although not my favorite type of reading compared to space action it is good stuff. Weston turns out to be a fairly badass marine. It of course helps that he has a few combat suits, a few equally badass friends and a really mean Priminae weapon to help him.

Luckily there is a decent amount of action in space as well even though the Priminae themselves are a wee bit late to the party. The humans survivors that fled have, with the help of the Priminae, gotten themselves some new and shiny armor in space. This time with the capacity for dishing out some real mayhem. It might not be enough though since the Drasins got some surprises of their own.

I really enjoyed this book. There is a lot of our main hero, Weston, in it and, as I wrote, he is doing some serious butt-kicking. There are very little annoying politics in this book. Only one stupid senator (of course) tries to be obstructive and he quickly gets a size 45 planted exactly where he deserves it. The one thing I have to say that I was not too thrilled with was this Gaia entity that popped up every so often. To me it was a wee bit too much magic over it and it kind of disrupted the good and believable sci-fi character of the book.

Except for this minor complaint this was a great book. The characters are well done. I even liked the president in this one. The story is great and the action is hot both in space and on the ground. The book blurb on most of the sites I have visited gives the impression that this is the conclusion and the last book in the series. Well, I am not so sure. At least I hope this is not the case since the book is really not a conclusion. Sure, the humans do win back their home planet, at least for now, but the fight is far from over and the book ends with a huge teaser for some new “thing” to materialize.

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