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Resolute Victory: Decent reading but as the conclusion of the series it felt a bit bland

Resolute VictoryResolute Victory (The War for Terra #4) by James R. Prosser Jr.
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Humans have won their first battle with the Ch’Tauk Empire but a new player has entered the game. With Lee Pearce behind bars and his crew suspected of treason, intrigue from within the ranks of the human race threaten to derail a new Allaince of Races.

While Admiral Chang struggles to hold together his patchwork fleet, the crew of Resolute begin a quest to save humanity from its own shortsightedness.

On Earth, Henry Moore gathers new allies and discovers that the war for the planet may depend on more than just the battle in space. He will be tested to the brink of despair by the ruthless forces of the alien invaders.

For Banu Rao, a chance for redemption may be his path to greatness and the last weapon of the fallen Confederacy is his chance to save humanity.
A hidden threat will be revealed as the life and death struggles of the refugees of Terra will hinge on the sacrifice of only a few.

In the final book of the War for Terra series, secrets will be revealed and lives will be lost in the valiant struggle to take back what was lost. Victory will be taken from defeat only at the highest possible price in the stunning conclusion to the Resolute saga.

It felt like it was quite some time since I read the previous book in this series and it took me some time to get back into the story. One character I had managed to successfully suppress was that despicable villain Banu Rao. Unfortunately he is back already in the first pages and sets the tone for much of the rest of the book’s story.

Luckily Lee Pearce is also back although the beginning of the book certainly make it look like he will not be around for long. Unfortunately, much of this book is about fighting the maniacs within the human’s own ranks rather than fighting the Ch’Tauks. It is still a decent enough book but it is really “just” decent instead of really good thanks to this. Quite some time is also spent with the resistance on Earth which, again, is decent enough reading but I would rather have been in space. This would have been okay though if the book would have culminated in a full reconquering of Earth but, although this kind of starts it never really gets done before it is rudely interrupted.

The book blurb talks about the “stunning conclusion” to the Resolute saga. Well if stunning means surprising then okay, I was a bit surprised at the way the conclusion came about but I have to say that I though the conclusion was rather bland. There was really no great victory but rather an end of the current hostilities forced upon them by entities that can be said to have been, indirectly, the cause of the war in the first place. Neither said entities nor the Ch’Tauk themselves were really defeated or made to atone for their actions, there are some loose ends to say the least and the ending rather left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied.

As I wrote, it is decent reading but that is about it.

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