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Democracy’s Might: Good continuation of Democracy’s Right

Democracy's MightDemocracy’s Might (Democracy’s Right #2) by Christopher Nuttall
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

The rebels have won a great victory, shattering the Empire’s grip on Sector 117. Starships are mutinying, the Empire’s power and authority are crumbling and the rebels are making their way towards Earth. Their victory seems inevitable.

But, as news of the rebellion finally reaches Earth, the Thousand Families start preparing for all-out war. The Empire has a war leader, a colossal advantage in firepower and the determination to do whatever it takes to destroy the rebels before they can win.

As both sides rush towards a titanic confrontation, they know that whoever wins will inherit the Empire. But, with humanity’s mighty civilisation threatening to collapse, they may only inherit a desert called peace.

This is the direct continuation of Democracy’s Right and it is a fairly good one. I have to be honest and say that I liked the first book slightly better but then that was a 10 out of 10 star for me and it had gotten my hopes up pretty much for this book. Still, this one is only a notch lower on the wow-scale than the first one was.

All the characters from the previous instalment are back. Well, the characters that should be back at least. Admiral Percival is still enjoying his well-earned vacation at the adventure resort where Admiral Walker so kindly made a VIP reservation for him. The book does take some time to get the action going though. There are a lot of political debate and behind the scenes discussions in the first part of the book. We are also introduced to Admiral Wachter who is put in charge of shaping up the defences of the Empire. Admiral Wachter is character that I really liked from the start. He has only one major flaw. He is on the wrong bloody side! Quite a lot of time is spent on Admiral Wachter and his assistant Penny who are brought over from the previous book and the preparations to withstand the rebel advance. Actually during the first half of the book it almost felt like the book had kind of switched sides and had more become a story about the Empire than about the rebels. This is one of the things that made me feel slightly less happy with this book.

On the second half the book switched back more to the rebels again and we start to get some action while the rebels move forwards. I have to say that there was not as much space combat in the book as I had hoped though. Most of the combat was done rather quickly and a lot of the book was about the political aspects both during the campaign and the ramifications afterwards that various strategies and outcomes might have. Still, there is a fair amount of action, that has to said.

I was not sure whether or not the rebels would actually achieve their goals or if there would be a third book. Well it turned out that the author do plan to write a third book but it will not be exactly what one might have expected. Mr. Nuttall managed to make the rebels achieve their primary goals and still make the book end in somewhat of a surprise cliffhanger. I have to say that I am not sure about the cliffhanger since it hints more in the direction of political machinations than actual military action. However, the author have surprised me before, in a positive way, so we will just we what comes out.

As you can see from my rating, this is still a great book regardless of my minor gripes and I enjoyed it very much.

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