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Okay, that is it! Comixology is not getting any more of my money!

ComiXology-Windows-8-App-Do-Not-Work.jpgI do not just read books but sometimes I read comics as well. It is a bit of a nostalgia thing actually since mostly I read old stuff that I used to grow up with. Over a year ago I wrote a post about how unbelievably bad the Comixology Windows 8 app was. Comixology is a major digital comic book provider and their service works reasonably well…unless you’re on Windows 8. Well, actually they have started to screw things up even if you are not on Windows 8 as well but I will get to that.

Anyway, one would have thought that they would actually do something about this crap-app of theirs but no. Since I wrote my post the app is just as abysmal today as it was then. I have submitted several support requests to Comixology asking when they would be fixing all the various issues with the app but, although I got an automated email saying that my request have been registered, they have not even bothered to answer me.

When the first Kindle app came out is was also unacceptably bug ridden. So much that one might easily think that the companies in question was trying to dissuade people from using the OS so that they did not have to have one more platform to support. However Amazon at least made several updates to make the app usable even though it is still far from very good. Comixology have made no such effort whatsoever. The Comixology app is still literally unusable!

The app is so abysmally slow that it is unbelievable. No other app on my tablets or Windows 8 PC’s are this slow so it is clear that it is sloppy development from Comixology. Worse, the app frequently crashes. The download of a comic book more often than not hangs and then the only thing you can do is to de-install and re-install the app. Lately the in-app purchases have simply stopped working displaying a totally nonsense message, at least for an ordinary user, when you try. In short, as I wrote above, the app is unusable!

Just to add to this misery Comixology seems to have given in to the national protectionists in EC and blocked purchases from their US site. I am forced to go to their French site since my IP is French. That is just crap. I might reside in France but I am not French and I do not want French comics. Luckily I could still get English comics from the French site or so I thought. the first time I tried I was told that the French site did not accept American Express. What the f…? Okay, so I used my Mastercard. It worked. Once. The next time I tried to make a purchase I was told that my Mastercard was not accepted. Double what the f…? That is just sooo much bullshit. The card is perfectly valid (I have made purchases with the card after this event).

That is it for me. I have uninstalled the app and I am done with Comixology. I do not accept doing business with companies that cannot provide a decent service to their customers and especially ones that display this kind of arrogant attitude (not answering support requests, showing out a useless app and refusing to fix the bugs etc…) that Comixology is doing.

I am sure that this post is as useful as peeing into the wind when it comes to actually getting Comixology to do something about it but at least I feel better after having blown off some steam :-).

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