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Nebula Vigilante: High tech fast moving sci-fi adventure

Nebula VigilanteNebula Vigilante (Vigilante Series #2) by T. Jackson King
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Matt Dragoneaux hates the cloneslavery and indentured bondServant status that most people, human and alien, live under in the Anarchate galactic culture, a society with no law, no justice and little freedom for the galaxy’s many species. Pursued by Anarchate battleglobes for the crime of saving his love Eliana’s home planet, Matt declares war on the Anarchate. Saving a few worlds from oppression is not enough. Ending a two million year old alien tyranny is his new aim.

With the help of BattleMind and Mata Hari, two AIs created by the ancient T’Chak aliens, Matt fights one battle after another, dodging antimatter beams as he makes Hit-and-Run forays. Finally he seeks help from the T’Chak of the Small Magellanic Cloud. Getting there will take all the talents of Matt, Eliana, Mata Hari, BattleMind and new partners in the effort to bring hope, justice and freedom to the galaxy. But the Anarchate aims to turn Matt’s ship into a black hole—if they can catch him!

This is probably one of the most high-tech sci-fi series that I have read in a while. Now that doesn’t mean that it this is a book suitable for the die-hard techno fans out there. The tech is not really very in-detail or well explained or anything like that. It is more on the level of loads and loads of high-tech toys like cyborg tech, spaceships that reshape themselves, sentient AI’s, battle suits packed with weapons, a wide range of überweapons including biochemical ones etc…

The book is fun reading. It is fairly quickly paced and there is plenty of battles going on. The battles themselves are somewhat different from the usual sci-fi fare in that Matt, being a cyborg, can accelerate his perception of reality to the level of an AI, well almost at least, and all action takes place with time counted in nanoseconds. Somewhat original and adds a nice touch to these books.

Matt’s constant struggle to keep the AI BattleMind of “his” ship from taking rash and impulsive actions, and keep its goals in line with Matt’s own goals, and the interactions this entails are also quite entertaining. We are talking about an AI with a huge ego, short temper and severe lack of patience here.

Towards the end things feel like they are going a bit too fast though. The story really gets a wee bit too quick and simple. New species are discovered and befriended at a rather unrealistic pace and the story in general feels rushed. It could have done with a bit more polish at this point. Having said that it does open some interesting possibilities if the author decides to follow-up on them.

On the whole an entertaining book that makes me want to read the next one as well.

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