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The Belial Ring: Lost a bit of the exploratory appeal of the previous books

The Belial RingThe Belial Ring (The Belial Series #3) by R.D. Brady
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Delaney McPhearson has been through the fire more than once.

This time it’s not her choice to join the fight, it’s her destiny.

And that destiny will either be the hope of the world or its doom.

In the last two years, Professor Delaney McPhearson has uncovered two Atlantis sites. Each time, she’s lost people. Now, all she wants to do is enjoy the peace with her love, Jake Rogan and those she cares about.

But fate has a different idea.

Plans are in motion for Laney, Jake, and Henry Chandler that stretch back thousands of years and across the globe to a mysterious, ancient Egyptian necropolis.

Everything Laney thought she knew about herself and her past has been turned on its head. She never dreamed the violence of last year was only a taste of what to come – a taste of the destiny that awaits her.

But destiny, like fate, always comes with a cost. And this time, the cost may be more than she can bear.

This book differs a bit from the previous two book in that Laney & Co is not really embarking on a quest of exploration and discovery of ancient artefacts. Well they do go off doing a bit of exploration as well but it is but a lesser part of the book and this time they pretty much know what they are looking for so it is not much of a surprise when they find the item. Also it is not out of archeological curiosity but rather out of necessity due to the situation at hand.

Instead this book pretty much starts of by diving into the various elements of the plot, both ancient and present day, and it is not so much a matter of Laney & Co discovering or simply stepping into ancient mysteries or trouble in general but trouble comes to them. Actually it more or less searches for them, Laney in particular.

I kind of miss the discovery and mystery bit of the previous books. This one is more straight thriller with a big supernatural element. It is nevertheless a fairly enjoyable ride. The cat is out of the bag when I comes to the existence of various people with supernatural abilities and it is not only Laney and her friends that are aware of their existence but the “men in black” makes an appearance as well.

The plot twists around a fair amount and a few surprises awaits both Laney and Henry along the way. Luckily the author stays within the acceptable with the twists and revelations. Naturally she throws in a few teaser revelations at the end just so that you will be inclined to want to get the next book. Nothing too bad though and the book does have a decent conclusion.

On the whole an enjoyable above average book.

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